How to Choose an Oracle HCM Implementation Partner

Key Considerations for Your Oracle HCM Cloud Implementation

oracle cloud hcm implementation partner selection

When it comes to deciding whether or not to partner with a team of Oracle HCM implementation experts or undergo the project with solely your in-house team, it’s worth considering some of the potential costs and benefits that come with doing so. Beyond the peace of mind that comes with entrusting the experts to get the job done quickly and correctly, partnering with a trusted HCM implementation team can end up being a valuable decision for your organization. Should you choose to work with an HCM implementation partner, below are several key considerations you should keep in mind when selecting and vetting potential partners. 

1. Peace of Mind – is this a partner I can trust to get the project done?  

An implementation partner has the expertise and has been there and done that. One of the key reasons to go with an implementation partner in the first place is for peace of mind. In addition to taking on a lot of the heavy lifting that comes with taking on a project of this magnitude, an implementation partner should consist of a team you can trust to be with you every step of the way.  
Their job is to help guide you through every step of the implementation process. They have seen the successes as well as pitfalls of previous implementations, knowing where previous projects have gone awry, and how to avoid that fate in the future. Building a trusted client-partner relationship should be one of the critical goals of any implementation partner, and their ability to embody and deliver on this trusted partnership should be a point of pride and showcased by the implementation team.  

2. Risk Mitigation 

Partnering with an implementation specialist team can help mitigate project risks and unforeseen costs and/or delays. Entrusting the overall project success to experts helps guarantee that the time and investment of your organizations’ resources are being used correctly. Ensuring the project is delivered on time and within the budget with you, the client, highly satisfied, is of the utmost importance to an implementation partner.  

3. Vendor Relations and Certifications 

A reputable Oracle HCM implementation partner should have a solid existing relationship with Oracle. A close relationship with Oracle helps to make sure consultants are up to date with application developments and product strategy. This helps minimize risk and increase your overall HCM product satisfaction as the client and end-user. Looking for an implementation partner with these existing relationships, as well as any product certifications, can be a good strategy for selecting an implementation partner that will give your project the highest chance of succeeding. 

4. Client References 

Word of mouth is powerful, and the reputation an implementation partner develops over time is an excellent indication of what you, as a potential client, can expect from them. A solid portfolio of client references, testimonials, and success stories can help make the case for going with one implementation partner over another. Look for previous client successes in your industry and any parallel or similar industries.  
For example, Elire has a wealth of experience working in and understanding highly complex and regulated industries such as government labs and utility providers. Experience within highly regulated spheres is valuable and the skills and expertise gained from this kind of work can easily translate into greater problem-solving abilities in a variety of parallel or similar spaces.  

Make note of an implementation partners’ previous client’s willingness to speak on behalf of the work they did for their organization. This is a very valuable asset to an implementation specialist team and reflects highly on their capabilities.  

5. Remote Project Delivery Experience 

With the almost universal move to remote or hybrid work brought upon by the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to implement and deliver on Cloud HCM projects remotely is a necessity. Having the previous client-work to back this up and showcase their remote capabilities is of utmost importance, especially today. An HCM implementation partner with remote experience might bring to the table templates for remote project status meetings, a strong project management plan with defined deliverables, and clear, concise, consistent communication.  

6. Value 

Though the financial cost can oftentimes be a huge consideration in deciding whether to go with an implementation partner or undergo the implementation process in-house, the value brought to your organization by partnering with a team of implementation specialists cannot be ignored. Choosing an implementation partner should come down to what value your organization has to gain compared to the financial costs involved.  

Having to maintain your current HCM system while also implementing Cloud HCM is an aspect of undergoing an implementation project that should be on your radar. Maintaining your current system can be demanding and is only complicated by deciding to undergo the implementation project with just your in-house team. Entrusting implementation experts to take the reins is oftentimes extremely valuable to your organization.  

The time and dedication required for in-house resources to make this transformation while also retaining current systems is a massive consideration. It’s often not doable and leads to project delays or to improper implementation. As long as you as an organization and your organizational leaders feel confident in the value being provided by your implementation partner, you’re setting yourselves up for project success.  

A partner brings focus to the project, direction, dedication, and a clear commitment of client resources. You’ll put the time, energy, and focus into the project when an implementation partner is by your side. When projects are internally led, there can be a tendency for daily tasks to take priority, leading to drift, which can take away from completing the project in a timely manner. Elire has previously worked with clients that have started projects on their own, and then called in help from our team of implementation specialists who have been able to come in and lead the project to success. If you’re deciding on a move to Oracle Cloud and still wondering if an implementation partnership can benefit your organization, reach out to [email protected] to get in touch with our team and learn more about how Elire can help. In the meantime, check out our Oracle Cloud Services Page here for more information on all Elire has to offer and download our Cloud HCM informational one sheet.  


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