How to Make Your Technology Implementation Successful

Using change and project management methodology for a successful technology implementation

Is a technology implementation on your organization’s strategic plan for this year? If so, have the right people within your organization put time and effort into making the implementation successful? Many organizations are excited about the idea of implementing new technology, but often underestimate the efforts involved. Our project management experts’ detail what we believe are the key items to consider when preparing for a technology implementation to ensure success. 

Project Management 

Selecting a strong project manager with the right experience and skillset is our top recommendation for increasing the success of your project. A project manager that has technology implementation experience in addition to well-developed soft skills will set the foundation for a successful project. This can include the ability to communicate with members at all levels of the organization, demonstrated experience managing through ambiguity, adept at task delegation, and strong organizational skills.


Follow a structured and well-defined implementation methodology to ensure you’re utilizing best practices and procedures. When taking on a large project such as a technology implementation, it is critical that your project manager and project team follow a thoughtful and structured implementation methodology that includes project templates, defined and broken-down key phases of the project, and an accurate forecasting of the project plan so that no key tasks are missed and project risk is minimized. This will ensure that the project scope will be adhered to and the project will be delivered on time and within the set budget constraints if applicable.

Change Management 

Establish and execute a comprehensive structured change management strategy. Typically, a technology implementation affects many individuals within an organization, and in order for the implementation to be successful, the impacted user group must receive clear and consistent training and change management support. Oftentimes, successful change management involves ongoing training throughout the project lifecycle as various implementation goals are met, as well as clearly defined processes to request support in the future.

Though the prospect of undergoing a technology implementation can oftentimes seem overwhelming, keeping these implementation tips in mind and, most importantly, adhering to them will ensure that your project is set up for success. A technology implementation doesn’t need to be as stressful and costly as many people anticipate and Elire is happy to help.  

Visit the Management Advisory Services part of our website for more information on how Elire can help. For more information and tips on effective project management, check out our blog post for “5 Ways to Continue Developing Yourself as a Project Manager” here.  


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