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Elire will meet you where you’re at with your ERP investments – whether that means optimizing PeopleSoft, preparing to move to cloud, making the most of your Oracle Cloud investment or any combination of the three.   

Where your enterprise roadmap includes a move to the cloud, Elire’s proprietary solutions and toolset streamlines that transition, allowing for near term and long-term improvements to gain more value from your applications. Understanding how cloud functionality works and what capabilities Cloud has to address your business needs will only make the transition easier. Unlocking the potential of Oracle Cloud takes a well-planned, phased approach – Elire is here to help!  

The Path to Cloud Can be thought of in three “Days.” 
  • Day 0 – Maximizing the value of your PeopleSoft investment by evaluating and identifying areas for improvement. Spending time to optimize your PS Application allows your org to take advantage of new functionality, de-customize processes, and set the foundation for the smoother cloud migration, whenever that may be 
  • Day 1 – It’s all about getting live on Oracle Cloud with the strategy that works for your organization. Whether it’s a single module or a whole application,
    Elire has the process and the proven PeopleSoft to Cloud Accelerator tools to get you there.
  • Day 2 – Not everything can happen in Day 1. Day 2 is about gaining more value from your Oracle Cloud application by expanding your module footprint, implementing new functionality, data analytics or reporting, automated testing, or whatever is going to accelerate ROI and impact to automation for your organization 

Day 0

Pre 9.2
Supporting Upgrade Readiness, 9.2 vs Cloud, or Upgrading to 9.2
step 1
On PS 9.2
Developing a CDM Strategy, PUM/Tools Upgrades, or Customization Removal
step 2
Optimizing PS 9.2
Extending PS Applications and Utilities by leveraging new capabilities delivered in PUMs, including Kibana, Chatbots, Process Automation, or Testing Automation
step 3
Preparing Your Cloud Roadmap
Including Defining your Strategy, potentially including 3rd Party SaaS Applications, PS hosted on Cloud, or a Cloud Pilot/POC
step 4

Day 1

Utilize a single module or process to resolve pain points with Oracle Cloud
step 5a
Big Bang
Transforming your HR or Finance Application to Oracle Cloud, including Change Management and Training
step 5b

Day 2

Module Expansion
Continuing to expand your Oracle Cloud footprint by targeted module implementations at the right pace for your organization 
step 6a
Including Assessing your current Oracle Cloud footprint and providing recommendations for improvements including reporting, testing automation, data analytics, and extended IT Support 
step 6b
Sunsetting On-Premise
Supporting the decommissioning of your on-premise application once your organization is fully “in the cloud.” 
step 7b

Why elire?

Customer Success

day 0 success

American Electric Power

PeopleSoft 9.2 Upgrade

day 1 success

DOE Laboratory

PeopleSoft to Cloud HCM Implementation

day 2 success

Channel Control Merchants LLC

Cloud ERP Optimization

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