Cloud Co-existence Paths: Exploring Your Options 

Oracle Cloud Co-Existence with PeopleSoft

Your organization has made the decision to continue utilizing and investing in PeopleSoft, but the allure of Cloud’s flexibility and scalability is ever-present with its ability to store data and work from the Cloud. In this blog post, we’ll introduce a strategy for utilizing a single module or aspect of Cloud all while maintaining PeopleSoft as your system of record.  

Co-existence offers the ability for you to utilize a single module or process to resolve pain points with Oracle Cloud. This strategy gives your organization the opportunity to set the foundation for your Cloud transformation without the large time or financial commitment of implementing all at once, minimizing your implementation risk. Below, we’ll explore co-existence as a path to Oracle Cloud and dive into a use case for how your Human Capital Management efforts can benefit from a co-existence strategy.  

What is Co-existence? 

Co-existence involves utilizing a single module or process to resolve pain points when moving to Oracle Cloud. It sets the foundation for leveraging the power of the Cloud by taking advantage of new functionality. A co-existence approach will likely involve the following: 

  • Co-existence Strategy Creation – First, it is essential to define your co-existence strategy including what module, function, and timing works for your organization, followed by assessing how to sync your data, and finally establishing the roadmap for your next transformational step 
  • Co-existence Implementation – Next, you’ll be implementing your initial Cloud module and the supporting data migration and integrations utilizing either custom development or proprietary tools from your implementation partner 
  • Maintaining Your Co-existence – Once you go live, you’ll need your team or a managed service provider to maintain your co-existence infrastructure 

Potential use cases for co-existence include leveraging this strategy in the following areas: 

  • Recruiting: Co-exist with PeopleSoft as the system of record for employees, organization and reporting hierarchy, but leverage the power of predictive metrics and AI in Oracle Cloud Recruiting to analyze candidate pools and past hiring speed   
  • Succession Planning: Leverage AI and automation to support your talent planning decisions and build a succession plan(s).  Create analytics and dashboards with Talent Pools and Nomination Slates from employees who are pulled into Cloud from PeopleSoft 
  • Performance: Synchronize your PeopleSoft employee data to utilize Oracle Cloud’s embedded generative AI into goal planning to help employees create a personalized action plan to achieve their identified goals. Empower managers to quickly complete more holistic and tailored performance reviews with embedded generative AI 
  • Financial Accounting Hub: Unify financial data from multiple accounting systems and ERP systems with co-existence and find better more simplified processes 
  • Payroll: Send core HR data to Oracle Cloud regarding salary information and payroll adjustments 

With co-existence, this strategy can be used in a variety of areas, but below, we’ll dive into a use case of utilizing co-existence with the Performance Management module. 

Use Case: Performance Management  

In the case of HCM, typically employee or personnel data that is needed to support the new business function in Cloud HCM is located within PeopleSoft. If we’re using Performance Management, i.e. employee reviews, you’ll need the employee information along with the managers’ data and potentially hierarchy data in order to create the workflow needed to execute employee reviews as a part of Performance Management.  

With co-existence, you’ll maintain all the employee data, relationships, and hierarchy in PeopleSoft and continue to use PeopleSoft as your system of record, but use Performance Management in Cloud to complete reviews, making Cloud HCM a part of your system of record. Elire has developed a PeopleSoft to Cloud DataSync tool to allow for synchronization of the base Cloud HCM data between PeopleSoft and Cloud, which is necessary to perform data sync operations and enable co-existence. 

What’s Next? 

If you are considering a co-existence strategy, Elire has the team and toolset to make your ideas into reality. Elire’s PS to Cloud DataSync Accelerator delivers your PeopleSoft Data to the Cloud with ease, avoiding the stress of costly integrations to maintain that are prone to errors. Elire’s Managed Services are also available to maintain your co-existence infrastructure, giving your team the flexibility to advance internal skillsets and capabilities with support when you need it.  

Elire will meet you where you’re at with your ERP investments – whether that means optimizing PeopleSoft, preparing to move to the Cloud, making the most of your Oracle Cloud investment, or any combination of the above.  

Where your enterprise roadmap includes a move to Cloud, Elire’s proprietary solutions and toolset streamlines that transition, allowing for near-term and long-term improvements to gain more value from your applications. Understanding how Cloud functionality works and what capabilities Cloud has to address your business needs will only make the transition easier.  

Unlocking the potential of Oracle Cloud takes a well-planned, phased approach, and Elire is here to help! Reach out to [email protected] to set up a time to connect with our team and get your questions answered when it comes to optimizing PeopleSoft and moving to Oracle Cloud. In the meantime, check out our PeopleSoft to Cloud Services page here for more information on how Elire can assist you.  

  • John Stahl

    John Stahl

    John Stahl serves as Elire’s Cloud HCM Practice Lead. He has over 25 years of Oracle HCM consulting experience (Peoplesoft and Oracle Cloud) supporting operations, IT, project management, contingency planning, and HR processes. He is a strategic thinker, empowering clients with innovative ideas to initiate change and deliver results for their IT Transformation initiatives.


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    Ms. Caron serves as Elire's Marketing Specialist, specializing in content writing and digital media communications. Maddie works to deliver relevant industry updates and technical blog posts to educate and engage Elire's audience.

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