Success Delivered methodology

Elire’s proprietary methodologies are designed to incorporate industryleading processes with innovative solutions to current pain points. We take lessons learned from decades worth of proven application experience to develop methodologies that address and support your people, processes, and technologies for organizational success. 

Further, Elire understands the larger trends in the marketplace and how to best incorporate the newest ERP technology into your organization’s infrastructure.

We recognize the shift away from only focusing on savings and keeping up with support services to also focusing on how a new or upgraded technology tool can add value to your firm’s daily activities. Therefore, the Elire methodology changes slightly from project to project. It’s a flexible model that can be tweaked to fit each project and organization’s specific needs. This is what truly makes Elire and our methodology unique.  

Elire has proven methodologies specifically tailored for our PeopleSoft Upgrade and Cloud Implementation services, detailed below, that are second to none in the industry. 


Elire Implementation Project Methodology

The Elire Success Delivered™ Cloud Implementation methodology includes the templates, tools, alliances with strategic software vendors, and a dedication to innovation to respond to our clients’ unique business challenges and opportunities. This methodology is comprised of five distinct phases to identify your organizations unique needs, modify business process to leverage the full potential of your cloud application, iteratively build your prototype to ensure users understand their new application, test thoroughly, and go-live with confidence.  



  • Pre-Project Readiness
  • Conduct Governance & Resource Planning
  • Project Charter & RACI
  • Initial Project Plan
  • Project Communication
  • Questionnaires


  • Project Workshops
  • Configure Pilot Environment
  • Finalize strategy for Conversions, Integrations, Reports, Security & PODs
  • Execute 3 Prototypes
  • Load Conversion Data
  • Change Management Strategy
  • Build Integrations & Reports
  • Document Test Scripts & Scenarios
  • Identify Issues and Reconfigure
  • Strategy for Conversions, Integrations, Reports, Security & PODs
  • Security & Comm Matrix
  • Initial Configuration Workbooks
  • Pilot Test Scripts
  • Fit / Gap Document
  • Conversion, Interface, & Report programs


  • Develop Cutover Plan
  • Test Integrations
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • User Training
  • Final UAT Test Scripts
  • Document UAT Results
  • Cutover Plan


  • Configure Production Environment
  • Validate Operational Readiness
  • Execute Final Conversion
  • Begin System Use
  • Prepare for Production Support
  • Final Configuration Workbooks
  • Training Materials


  • Provide Post Go Live Support
  • Execute Maintenance Strategy
  • List of Open Items

Elire Upgrade Project Methodology

Elire’s PeopleSoft experts harness the Elire Inc. Success Delivered upgrade methodology, templates, accelerator tools, and a dedication to maximizing the value of your PeopleSoft investment to respond to our clients’ unique business needs and goals. We specialize in the full suite of Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise modules, as well as 9.2 new features including Kibana, Fluid, PUM Application lifecycle management, PeopleSoft on Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft Test Framework, chatbots, and more to provide an array of consulting services encompassing all phases of your PeopleSoft journey. 

Elire’s 9.2 Upgrade and Optimization Methodology stands out among the competition due to our proprietary Accelerator Tools, including our scope object tracker to ensure your project stays on time and on budget, and Customization Identification tool to identify and evaluate current customizations and group them at the object level.

For more information on these accelerators or to receive a demo, click here 



Elire lays a strong foundation to ensure all resources understand their roles and responsibilities through every step of the project


Elire helps our client understand current and future state software requirements, develop environment strategies, and complete the initial upgrade


Elire assists in thoughtfully setting scope with confidence and preparing for long term success under Continuous Delivery


Elire will help you take advantage of the latest technologies and help re-engineer your customizations as bolt-ons to reduce maintenance under Continuous Delivery


Elire perfects the Test Moves process via multiple test cycles and prove the organization is ready to go live with confidence


Elire’s solid track record and experience helps to minimize business disruption at go-live

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