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Channel Control Merchants LLC

Oracle Cloud Implementation

Channel Control Merchants (CCM), headquartered in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, is an extreme value retailer and exporter of brand sensitive secondary market inventories. Secondary market inventories are purchased from major retailers and manufacturers and processed through CCM reverse logistics facilities. CCM meets suppliers’ specific geographic distribution requirements for resale by selling through more than 100 retail stores, or through export operations to over 40 countries worldwide.  

Scope of the Project

CCM turned to Elire to optimize their ERP system, aiming to leverage best practices, identify & implement quick wins to improve performance, and to develop a comprehensive IT Strategic roadmap, including the in-scope modules, as well as the larger financial and logistics processes. As an Oracle Cloud ERP customer using General Ledger (GL), Assets, Accounts Payable (AP), and Accounts Receivables (AR), Elire was tasked with assessing each of these modules and optimizing performance with a series of quick wins and contributing our recommendations. Elire also assessed underlying process maturity and developed a comprehensive roadmap for all financial and logistics processes. 

The Challenge

No significant challenges were faced even though the project was fully remote due to COVID-19. The CCM staff blended well with the Elire team and were eager to have their system optimized. The CCM team kept an open mind, were agreeable to all quick win recommendations, and were very appreciative of the final work products.  As the project progressed, CCM requested Elire make recommendations beyond the in-scope processes of GL, Assets, AP and AR. This included recommendations regarding CCM’s retail management system, which feeds into these core financial modules. Elire leveraged expertise in this space to successfully get the job done and provided recommendations for automating General Ledger consolidations, creating drill-down reporting functionality in the Enterprise Performance Management system, simplifying daily cast forecasting with Cash Management, completing an overhaul of all Oracle Cloud Reporting, and suggesting changes to the Billing system 

Success Delivered

Elire successfully delivered a total of eight quick wins, six for AP, one for Assets, and one for GL. Elire also reviewed 50+ Oracle Process Maps with the CCM team to provide insight into how to better use the system.   Further, Elire identified 68 tasks to address, including disconnects and opportunities for improvements which included new features or changed procedures that could improve the process. The project team established action items that included answering questions, follow-ups, etc., and addressed 89% of the previously identified 68 tasks.  Finally, Elire developed and delivered concrete recommendations and created a roadmap to improve process maturity, implement best practices and resolve disconnects. Go-live was successfully carried out on December 21st, 2020.

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