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The Elire Treasury Team is excited to have attended and presented at a number of regional AFP conferences this spring! In the world of treasury and finance, staying updated with the latest trends, regulations, and best practices is crucial for success. Attending educational conferences is one way Elire is able to share our knowledge, as well as grow the knowledge of our teams and leaders.  

By attending national as well as regional treasury conferences, we’re able to benefit from the valuable insights and networking opportunities available for treasury professionals at these regional treasury conferences. These conferences bring together experts, industry leaders, and practitioners to discuss and explore the ever-evolving landscape of treasury management. Below, we’ll delve into the highlights and significance of regional treasury conferences, and explore some key takeaways from these events. 

Elire attended New England AFP May 8th– 9th at the OMNI Providence hotel in Providence, Rhode Island. Elire’s Michael Graham presented “Cash Forecasting in a Changing Environment – How to Utilize Cash Forecasting Tools to Reduce Exposure in Today’s Environment” and “The Changing Payments Landscape in the United States and the World.” NE AFP saw significant growth from 2019, with 255 attendees at the 2023 in-person conference. Additional topic highlights included AI, how to leverage it and the future of AI in treasury.  

May 8th, Elire’s Carlos Conde presented at Minnesota AFP in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Conde also presented on “The Changing Payments Landscape” and “Cash Forecasting in a Changing Environment” at this year’s conference. Discussions throughout the event included interest and confusion around FedNow, which is pending launch shortly and the new RTP System for the Federal Reserve.  

May 24th to 25th, Carlos Conde presented the last session of the event at the Windy City conference. “The Changing Payments Landscape” session focused on the current state of payment digitization in the US versus the rest of the world, major developments in the US Payments Landscape including real-time payments and open banking, as well as how these developments support payments digitization in the US.   

May 18th, Elire was one of four booth sponsors of the Northwest Financial Summit which brought together 160 attendees from both the corporate and public sectors Attendees enjoyed a way to connect, educate, and network with other industry professionals and all levels of treasury expertise.  

Earlier in April of this year, Mr. Conde attended the TEXPO conference along with Elire’s SaaS Treasury Lead Abdel Saafan and presented two sessions. TEXPO saw over 600 attendees, conversations focused on APIs, and a very engaged attendee group at both of our sessions. Liquidity remains a benchmark theme, and treasury and finance professionals are focused on navigating and optimizing liquidity for their organizations. 

These and other regional treasury conferences play a pivotal role in empowering treasury professionals with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to excel in their roles. These events offer a unique blend of networking opportunities, educational sessions, and thought leadership. By staying informed about the latest trends, engaging in collaborative discussions, and embracing innovation, treasury professionals can enhance their strategic capabilities and contribute to the financial success of their organizations.  

The Elire Team is proud to have been a part of these events, and we look forward to the 4th annual Elire Treasury Experience in September of this year, as well as TMANY September 12th – 14th,  and the national AFP conference October 22nd – 25th in San Diego, California. To learn more about Elire’s treasury services, be sure to view our Treasury Services Page here and subscribe to our quarterly Treasury newsletter.  


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