Oracle Celebrate – Driving Employee Engagement

Oracle Celebrate built in Oracle ME Application Overview

Oracle Celebrate, an integral component of the Oracle ME employee experience platform, delivers real-time recognition and comprehensive engagement insights. Within the Oracle Celebrate platform, employees can show appreciation and acknowledge one another, boosting company culture and team communication. This engagement-based platform looks to illuminate individuals that may go unnoticed, elevating hard working employees in tangible ways.  

Offering a unified experience, Oracle Celebrate enables organizations to create purpose-driven culture for all employees. Leveraging integration with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM, companies can customize Oracle Celebrate’s recognition and rewards for many different business groups. This strategic approach ensures that peer-to-peer recognition resonates with employees and meets your organizations’ specific engagement needs.  

Benefits of Oracle Celebrate  

Oracle Celebrate provides workforce insights that foster personalized and meaningful experiences for all employees, ultimately boosting engagement, performance, and retention. Oracle Celebrate is a great choice if you are looking to build a unique company culture. This peer-to-peer platform specifically tailors to different segments of your organization based on department or geographic location.   

Not only does Oracle Celebrate foster unique company culture, but it makes employees feel valued. As digital workforces continue to grow, and in-office connections move further into the past, it has never been more important to celebrate your colleagues and employees. By implementing Oracle Celebrate, you motivate employees to work harder by continuously acknowledging their contributions. 

In addition to acknowledging employee performance, managers can track peer-to-peer engagement to make sure teams are being fairly and frequently supported. Segmented analytics, such as business group, team, or organization, make recognition and rewards visible. 

Leadership can then measure business impacts using real-time Oracle HCM insights. You can learn more about Oracle Celebrate benefits with this product overview.  

Oracle Celebrate Key Features  

A new component of Oracle ME, Oracle Celebrate’s comprehensive suite of features optimizes employee engagement and organizational recognition. The key elements of Oracle Celebrate include:  

  • Recognition Insights Dashboard: Empowers managers with detailed insights into team recognition trends, top contributors, and individuals who may require additional support.  
  • Redeemable Points: Allows employees to earn points through peer recognition, providing a tangible incentive for their efforts. These points can be redeemed for rewards integrated into the organizations system.  
  • Nomination and Event-Based Awards: Facilitates recognition for milestone events and accomplishments, such as work anniversaries and promotions. 
  • Peer-to-peer Recognition: Embeds real-time, contextual, and personalized recognition into an employee’s daily routine and workflow.  
  • Generative AI Assistant: Enhances peer-to-peer recognition by providing employees with recommended improvements to their submissions.  
  • Recognition Based Social Feed: Establishes a real-time stream of organization-wide and team-specific shoutouts and awards.  
  • Live Acknowledgement and Interaction Information: Allows companies to oversee and modify appreciation initiatives using prompt and precise data. This feature allows managers to assess the recognition program by tracking engagement metrics across the organization.  

All these features can be accessed through Oracle Celebrate’s comprehensive environment, integrated with Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. Dive into the platform’s features and product capabilities by taking the Oracle Celebrate Product Tour.  

What’s Next  

Oracle Celebrate stands at the forefront of employee recognition and engagement. With its integration into Oracle ME and Cloud HCM, this platform offers a tailored approach to acknowledgment through real-time peer recognition, redeemable points, and insightful dashboards. Learn all that Oracle Celebrate can accomplish by viewing this “Oracle Helps Organizations Boost Employee Engagement and Retention” blog post. If you’re interested in other Oracle ME features, take a look at Elire’s Oracle Grow blog post to learn more on how you can nurture employee career growth.  

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