Migrating from Taleo to Oracle Recruiting Cloud

Migrating from Taleo to ORC offers benefits to talent management, talent acquisition, and improved candidate experiences

How do they stack up?

A detailed overview of Taleo versus Oracle Recruiting Cloud and the Advantages of migrating to ORC.

This post has been updated 3.14.2023 to reflect enhancements to the Oracle Recruiting Cloud platform.

Taleo software has long held market share as a standalone, cloud-based, robust recruitment platform for hiring management. After its acquisition by Oracle in 2012, the product has been Oracle’s response to Recruiter’s needs, easily integrating with the rest of the Cloud HCM Suite of applications.

Post R13, Oracle released its own response to the evolving recruiter landscape in the form of Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC). As ORC has matured in both complexity of business processes and delivered integrations, many Taleo customers are looking at making the transition. 

Migrating from Taleo to ORC offers a suite of benefits for talent management, talent acquisition, and improved candidate experiences including:

  • Improved candidate to hire process by removing integration complexity
  • Fully integrated system allowing seamless data integration between core setups, person and employment data, talent profiles, and compensation – allowing for full lifecycle management of your employees from hire to retire
  • Expansion of Oracle Cloud capabilities such as Onboarding, Talent Profiles, Career Development, Digital Assistant, Social Networking, Learning and BI Reporting Analytics
  • Fully Integrated reporting capabilities across all modules from candidate to hire to retire  
  • Reduced cost and headache to no longer maintain two separate systems and upkeep on integrations
  • Adobe Flash retirement. The Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud (OTAC) utilizes Flash for Recruiting Center. Customers utilizing this Flash-based user experience will be impacted by the end-of-life of Adobe Flash. The features are not what they use to be in Taleo, including the integration with US Jobs being no longer supported

In subsequent releases, Oracle Recruiting Cloud has continued to expand, with the following features as added benefits:

  • Oracle Journeys – with pre-defined templates for Onboarding and Offboarding
  • Enablement of Enterprise Planning – connecting Recruiting directly with enterprise workforce planning for new positions, and movement within your workforce
  • Streamlining Processes – creating work assignments directly from job offers
  • Ease of Co-existence – Oracle Recruiting Cloud is a proven candidate module for co-existence if your organization wants to leverage the cloud, but maintain on-prem as your system of record
  • Increased delivered third-party integrations – with the Oracle Cloud Marketplace, including delivered Office 365 integration
  • Personalization – Now with delivered toolsets to personalize via configuration versus customation, with autocomplete and design studio
  • Extensions – with Visual Builder to build custom pages where delivered functionality is not meeting your organizational requirements
  • Expanded Search – Oracle search is now made for Boolean searching for easy candidate identification within your database
  • Delivered Dashboards – for the full recruiting lifecycle enhanced with Cloud BI capabilities

How do Taleo and ORC stack up on functionality? 

Considering moving from Taleo to ORC?

First, analyze current state business processes.  Look to answer the What, Why, and How.  What is your process for creating a new job requisition?  How many career sites are you using?  Why do you have certain user-defined fields enabled?  

Next, understand the future state.  What are the capabilities for requisition approvals? Why might we want to enable social or digital assistants?  How does ORC integrate with Core HCM?  This analysis helps to fully understand what is a fit and what might be a gap as you migrate to ORC.  Having this understanding of current to future state lays the foundation to implementation design.     

Interested in learning more? Visit our Oracle Cloud Services Page to learn more about Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) View our webinar recording for “Refresh Your Recruiting Strategy: Migrating from Taleo to ORC” here. 


  • Jordyn Fugere-Burmeister

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