Kibana: The Tool You Might Not Know (But Probably Should!)

Kibana, a cloud-based tool that provides data visualization capabilities, can enhance your organization's reporting

Is Kibana on your organization’s radar? If not then maybe it should be! 

What is the Kibana tool?

Kibana is a cloud-based tool that provides visualization capabilities on top of the content indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. It functions as an opensource data visualization plugin for Elasticsearch where users can create bar, line and scatter plots, or pie charts and maps on top of large volumes of data. Kibana can ingest data from multiple different applications and build reports, dashboards, or other ways of displaying the data. It utilizes built-in reporting capabilities that enable you to generate reports on multiple file formats with a click of a button. 

Companies in a variety of sizes, structures, and industries are currently utilizing Kibana. All the way from small, family-owned companies ranging from 1-10 employees to household names such as Airbnb and Robinhood. 

Industries that see the benefits of Kibana

Specific users and industries that could particularly see the benefits of using Kibana include:

  • Retail operations – supply chain management and inventory levels 
  • Financial Services – Ingest financial services data and perform risk analysis, manage investment funds, and track overall spend 
  • Web Analytics – Learn more about your web traffic and the impact to the business 
  • Sales Pipeline Management – Live feedback from sales and how it affects the bottom line 

The top reasons developers look to Kibana include its easy setup process, easily searchable text, the x-axis isn’t restricted to timestamp, and not to mention, it’s a free plug-in!

In order to utilize Kibana for enhanced reporting within your PeopleSoft environment, you must be on at least PeopleTools 8.57 and Elasticsearch 6.1.2.

For more information on Kibana, check out this recent webinar “Kibana and Elasticsearch: Improving Analytics Through Data Visualization” or visit Oracle’s PeopleTools 8.57 User Guide including Kibana Set Up information.


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