Generative AI in Cloud HCM -Transforming HR Processes

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM Overview

What is Generative AI?  

Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI), or Generative AI, is a machine learning technology that has the capacity to generate content in response to human or textual prompts. Prompts may range from concise and straightforward to extremely intricate depending on what GAI users choose to deploy. Generative AI tools of various kinds can produce diverse forms of content, such as text, audio, images, and video. However, businesses and educational settings often utilize text-centric GAI the most.  

Excelling in creation and innovation, Generative AI produces human-like content that aids professionals in the execution of repetitive tasks, brainstorming, and routine daily practices. There is great potential for Generative AI in workforce efficiency, streamlining business processes, and enhancing employee satisfaction. Enterprises of varying sizes look to integrate GAI throughout their business systems and redefine their workforce automation landscape.  

Oracle offers various Generative AI services for organizations of all sizes. Check out Oracle’s “What Is Generative AI? How Does It Work?”, written by OCI Vice President Greg Pavlik, for more information on Oracle and the future of GAI.  To get a deeper understanding of how Generative AI is integrating into everyday Cloud practices, check out Elire’s blog post “All About Generative AI at Oracle CloudWorld.” 

If you’re looking for a quick and easy GAI overview, watch this two minute “What is Generative AI” Oracle video. 

Generative AI in Cloud HCM Applications  

Oracle recently unveiled the integration of Generative AI functionalities in Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM. These augmented capabilities seamlessly incorporate into existing HR processes to expedite business value, enhance productivity, elevate employee experiences, and streamline overall HR operations.  Additionally, these capabilities leverage large language models (LLM) to significantly reduce task completion times, refine workforce insights, and ultimately amplify business value.  

GAI in Cloud HCM gently guides users toward optimal results through inclusive promotes while mitigating factual errors and biases. Customer control, with an emphasis on data sifting and security, is at the forefront of Cloud HCM Generative AI. These user controls ensure models are fine-tuned for consumers’ proprietary data and safeguards any sensitive information.  

New GAI capabilities within Cloud HCM work to enhance preexisting embedded AI features, looking to optimize productivity for candidates, employees, managers, and HR teams. Capabilities include Assisted Authoring for content creation, Suggestions for natural language processing, and summarization of key insights. This purpose-driven solution seamlessly connects all human resource processes from recruitment to retirement.  

Cloud HCM GAI serves as a strategic advisor, offering recommendations to HR teams for improved business operations. See what other experts had to say and learn more about the introduction of GAI to Cloud HCM with Oracle’s Generative AI in Cloud HCM Press Release.   

Advantages of Deploying Generative AI in Cloud HCM  

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM enhances task completion and cultivates a more enriching environment, all while safeguarding sensitive information. Critical moments in the workplace, such as performance assessments and development discussions, significantly impact employee satisfaction. GAI in Cloud HCM enhances the quality of these pivotal moments by:  

  • Providing Candidates with a summary of their most suitable capabilities for the position 
  • Offering employees suggestions for goal descriptions  
  • Drafting development tips for managers to support employee success and career development 
  • Creating performance review summaries by analyzing data sources 

Additionally, Generative AI reduces the time required for routine tasks by allowing employees to:  

  • Craft compelling job postings that hit all the position requirements  
  • Propose survey questions to enhance response rates and gain employee insights  
  • Construct articles to address frequently asked questions 
  • Utilize tools in a manner they see fit with on-demand GAI capabilities 

Curious how Generative AI in Cloud HCM fosters efficiency in real life? Take a look at Oracle’s AI Use Cases for a real-world example of how GAI elevates HR processes and saves precious time. 

What’s Next?  

Generative AI in Oracle Cloud HCM empowers employees to boost productivity within HR processes, achieve greater outcomes, and cultivate a more positive work environment. Through utilization of GAI in Cloud HCM, your organization can swiftly deploy generative AI services with clear guidelines, delivering greater business value while maintaining the security of private data. Learn more about Generative AI in Cloud HCM with this Oracle Overview.  

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