Webinar: Overcoming Problems Leaders Are Faced with Today

Leaders often have a high-level idea of how to resolve a problem but can’t break through the barriers preventing them from getting it resolved, such as building consensus and designing a truly transformative solution. We will dive in to discuss how to understand the root of a problem so that you are equipped to solve the true cause, rather than treating a “symptom.” This session will also offer recommendations and metrics for building consensus to accomplish business goals and ensure that change continues to improve over time.


  • Elire

    Established in 2005, Elire’s nineteen years of experience is focused on six main product areas: Oracle Cloud, PeopleSoft, EPM & Analytics, Treasury, Advisory Services, and Managed Services. Our mission: to be your Trusted Advisor. We fulfill this promise by efficiently implementing, integrating, upgrading, and optimizing your software investments and business processes.

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