Elevate Your Treasury Department into the Cloud

Oracle Cloud Cash Management Webinar

As companies look to transition to a post-COVID work environment, SaaS solutions are becoming the popular choice to adapt to the changing environment and streamline business processes. For Treasury teams, it is essential to have a centralized structure for bank reporting, cash positioning/forecasting, bank reconciliation, and treasury payment remittance. In this webinar, Elire Experts will demonstrate how Oracle Cash Management can address the critical need for automation and centralization, while also offering a holistic approach to managing treasury day-to-day with best-in-breed functionality.

Deciding on a SaaS Treasury solution that meets your needs can be difficult. Elire’s Treasury Advisory Services team specializes in evaluating SaaS Treasury solutions and creating a roadmap for your organization.

For more information on SaaS treasury trends, visit Elire’s Treasury & Finance Blog.


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