Utilizing PeopleSoft and Kibana Data Visualization

Upgrade to PeopleTools 8.58/8.59 to Use This New Tool!

Visualizing data is a key component of understanding your organization’s metrics and making informed decisions across your organization. Kibana allows your organization to do just that.

Kibana is a cloud-based plugin tool that provides data visualization capabilities in software such as PeopleSoft. The data/content is indexed on an Elasticsearch cluster. Kibana users are able to make line graphs, bar graphs, scatter plots, or pie charts and map them onto large data volumes. Kibana can ingest data from many applications and create dashboards, reports, and other methods of displaying the data. With its built-in reporting abilities, users can create reports in multiple file formats with a simple click of a button.

Companies in a variety of sizes, structures, and industries are currently utilizing Kibana. Specific users and industries that could particularly see the benefits of using Kibana include: 

  • Retail operations for monitoring supply chain management and inventory levels
  • Financial services industries to ingest financial services data and perform risk analysis, manage investment funds, and track overall spend
  • Web analytics where users can learn more about company web traffic and the impact to their business
  • Sales pipeline management where Kibana offers live feedback from sales and how it affects the bottom line 

When it comes to utilizing Kibana with PeopleSoft, upgrading your PeopleTools to the latest release will allow you to fully leverage all the available integrations.

PeopleTools 8.57 initially introduced Kibana integration capabilities for technical administrators for analyzing system and index metrics. PeopleTools 8.58, however, is where users can start utilizing Kibana visualizations.

Delivered in the 8.58 update is the ability for users to view the monitoring dashboards and visualizations and to create visualizations based on application indexes. Therefore, Search Framework has integrated access to Kibana from PeopleSoft. When a user accesses Kibana, the user credentials are cached to improve performance.

Oracle made updates to the user interface, including enhancements to the Homepage as well as Menu and Content Search feature in PeopleTools 8.59. With these enhancements, search can now be the primary means of navigation in your PeopleSoft systems. On the homepage, you’re able to utilize the quick access bar on the left which provides one-click access to your favorites and most recently visited items.

In PeopleTools 8.59, benefits including External Data Integration, Pivot Grid, and Composite Query Viewer are available with Kibana enablement. PeopleSoft Search Framework has been upgraded to the 7.10 version of Elasticsearch, and the Analytics platform has also been upgraded to Kibana version 7.10 and Logstash version 7.10. Search Framework provides flexibility to filter data in a visualization.

If it’s not already on your list, now is the time to start considering and planning for a 2022 PeopleTools update. Register for the upcoming RECONNECT Dive Deep conference October 4th-7th, 2021 for 4 full days of PeopleSoft and Kibana learning, as well as PeopleTools Upgrade considerations and lessons learned. In the meantime, read more about the latest features of PeopleTools 8.59 here.  


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