Utilize Managed Services to Build Your Cloud Roadmap 

Key Benefits of Using Managed Services to Pave the Way to Cloud

Maintaining On-Premise application support with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is critical for many organizations. While the day-to-day support is necessary, there are creative ways to utilize those MSP contracts to build your roadmap for your organization’s future path to a Cloud solution. Here, we’ll dive into the key benefits of using Managed Services to build your cloud roadmap, as well as some considerations to keep in mind. 

Managed Services providers possess in-depth knowledge of your existing on-premise applications, infrastructure, and business processes, enabling them to identify weak points and assess an organizations readiness for cloud migration accurately. Moreover, by leveraging Managed Services hours for readiness assessments, businesses can benefit from expert insights and recommendations tailored to their specific needs and objectives. Additionally, Managed Services providers offer comprehensive support throughout the cloud migration journey, allowing internal teams to focus on essential tasks such as training in cloud platforms and driving transformation initiatives. By entrusting the development of your cloud roadmap to a Managed Services provider, you can streamline the migration process, mitigate risks, and ensure a successful transition to the cloud while optimizing resource allocation and maximizing operational efficiency. 

Identifying Weak Points 

When using your existing Managed Services provider to build your cloud roadmap, your MSP already possesses an intimate understanding of your on-premise applications through their time spent  managing and supporting them. Your MSP will be able to provide deep insights into the intricacies of your systems, configurations, and workflows, allowing them to better identify potential weak points that may arise during the transition to the cloud. By leveraging their expertise, Managed Services providers can conduct thorough assessments of your on-premise applications, pinpointing areas of inefficiency, vulnerabilities, or compatibility issues that could impede the smooth migration to the cloud. Their ability to diagnose and address these weak points early on in the cloud roadmap development process is invaluable, as it enables businesses to proactively mitigate risks, optimize their infrastructure, and ensure a seamless transition to the cloud environment. 

Completing a Readiness Assessment as a Part of Your Managed Services Hours 

With Elire as your Managed Services provider, you’re able to allocate hours toward completing a Readiness Assessment and truly identify what the lift will look like from your current state. A Cloud Readiness Assessment will help determine the current state capabilities for a successful implementation, including evaluation and presentation of key criteria such as integrations, data conversions, end-user impact and change readiness, business process alignment, and more. For more information on Elire’s Cloud Readiness Scorecard – watch this recent webcast.  

Use Managed Services Hours to Address Findings from Readiness Assessment 

Once you have the findings from the readiness assessment, use additional Managed Services hours to tackle the gaps, pain points, and obstacles discovered during the assessment to better prepare for a move to Cloud. Things like removing customizations from your on-prem environment and establishing bolt-ons that will need to be built in an eventual Cloud application can ensure you’re in good shape when there is a plan in place to move to Cloud in future. By tackling the findings of the readiness assessment over time and through Managed Services hours, organizations can save time and resources., while still making progress to support their future roadmap initiatives. Examples of work that can be done includes customization removal, business process redesign, automated testing, and more.  

Support Your On-Prem Application Through Managed Services 

Partnering with an MSP that can provide additional support when it comes time to make the move to Cloud is highly valuable. An MSP that also has the expertise and resources to take on a full-scale Cloud Implementation will allow for continued support of your on-prem application as you undergo the move to Cloud. This allows your team pivot from day-to-day applicaiton needs and tofocus their efforts on training, knowledge transfer, and change management while implementing Cloud.  


Whether you’ve already partnered with Elire as your Managed Services provides or are considering onboarding Managed Services, Elire has the on-prem and Cloud expertise to accomplish the necessary preparations on the move to Cloud. Elire can handle it all in-house. For more information on Managed Services, reach out to [email protected] and visit our services page here for more detail. 


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