virgina port authority

Virgina Port Authority

PeopleTools 8.58 upgrade and PeopleSoft PUM Image Update 

The Virginia Port Authority (VPA) is an autonomous agency of the Commonwealth of Virginia that owns The Port of Virginia, a group of facilities with their activity centered on the harbor of Hampton Roads, Virginia.  

Scope of the Project

Elire responded to an RFP for a PeopleSoft Financials 9.2 Update to get the Virginia Port Authority current on the latest PeopleSoft Update Manager (PUM) Image and PeopleTools release. Having only implemented PeopleSoft Financials in 2019, VPA was a relative newcomer to PeopleSoft. This was VPA’s second Image and PeopleTools update.  

The update included multiple PeopleSoft FSCM modules, including General Ledger, Commitment Control, Cash Management, Account Payable, Purchasing, eProcurement, Project Costing, Contracts, Asset Management, Accounts Receivable, Billing, and Grants. PeopleTools was upgraded from 8.56 to 8.58. 

The Challenge

VPA presented a relatively compact timeline to get the update and Tools upgrade completed. Due to the large number of financial modules, a large Elire team of consultants was required to undertake this update. A total of 15 Elire resources were involved on this project, so managing the resources and project was challenging. Additionally, VPA had been unhappy with their previous experience with an update/upgrade done with another vendor and therefore had some preconceived doubts about working with a new vendor.  

During the PeopleTools upgrade portion of the project, VPA was originally slated to upgrade to PeopleTools 8.59. It was discovered that VPA’s current Oracle database was not compliant with PeopleTools 8.59, so Elire had to quickly pivot to revert to implementing PeopleTools 8.58. 

Success Delivered

Elire was able to deliver a successful PeopleTools 8.58 upgrade and PeopleSoft Financials Update to get VPA current to PeopleTools 8.58 and FSCM PUM Image 39 in 15 weeks. This effort was completed faster than forecasted, and came in significantly under budget. VPA Upper Management and the user community were very pleased with the end result, and Elire is continuing additional work with VPA currently.  

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