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Trinity Health, one of the largest not-for-profit Catholic health care systems in the US, provides healthcare for communities in 25 states. With 115,000 colleagues and nearly 26,000 physicians and clinicians, Trinity Health’s large health and well-being footprint allows them to provide care through 88 hospitals, 131 continuing care facilities, and 125 urgent care locations.  

Scope of the Project

Trinity Health initially became engaged with Elire for support with PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) initiatives. After this project started, Elire experts introduced Fluid Navigation workshops to assist Trinity Health in developing a roadmap for PUM updates. Elire was tasked with assisting Trinity Health’s Fluid implementation and providing support to ensure Trinity Health leveraged optimized Fluid Navigation functionality. This work would ultimately improve the user experience for Trinity Health’s end-users and in turn improve business processes across the entire organization.  

The Challenge

Challenges to this project included the complexity of utilizing a Fluid interface design and accessible navigation while ensuring integrity of security practices. Initiatives to introduce Fluid and improve user navigation and experience meant that the underlying security would need to be applicable to Fluid functions. Elire resources needed to thoroughly understand how Trinity Health’s security worked with new Fluid functionality and communicated this to Trinity Health’s end-users to support a successful adoption. 

Another challenge was the effort to create a consistent Fluid interface across different modules. The new Fluid functionality needed to be effective for the entire organization, and Elire resources then needed to take this into account while designing the new Fluid interface capabilities.  

Success Delivered

With Elire’s support, Trinity Health successfully designed, developed, and implemented a Fluid interface that addressed all functional and security requirements, leading to an October 2022 go-live date. By effectively supporting the initiation of Fluid Navigation, Elire developed a foundation for Trinity Health’s end user community to smoothly transition to Fluid and continue its roadmap. Now, Trinity Health’s subsequent roadmap phases can effectively incorporate Fluid application function capabilities, ultimately leading to an improved current and future user experience for Trinity Health’s PeopleSoft environment. Not only can Trinity Health’s PeopleSoft end-users take advantage of new functionality for enhanced business processes, but they also now can leverage the interface on various platforms like mobile devices. 

Along with the result of Trinity Health’s Fluid interface success, Elire implemented PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) to improve Trinity Health’s testing initiatives, assisting them in recording 200 scenarios and over 20 end-to-end testing scripts.  

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