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Strattam Capital

AP Automation Strategic Advisory Services Part 1

Strattam Capital is a private equity firm that invests in founder-led, independent technology companies across North America. One of their portfolio companies is MHC, a software development company with offices in the US and Romania. MHC develops solutions that help customers simplify, digitize, and automate content and processes across core business functions. This  includes Accounts Payable (AP) Supply Chain, Human Resources, Payroll, and Customer Engagement. MHC delivers Enterprise Content Management, Payment Automation, Document Creation & Management, and Channel Communications/Engagement automation platforms for midmarket and enterprise customers across the world. 

Scope of the Project

MHC reached out to Elire due to our expertise in Financial Management applications and Accounts Payable Automation. MHC wanted an independent assessment of their flagship AP Automation platform and strategic guidance on the best way to position the solution in the marketplace. Elire conducted market research among AP Directors and Controllers, engaged existing clients for deep-dive insights, conducted discovery and saw demonstrations of competitive offerings, and interviewed internal staff driving the application’s sales, delivery, and support strategies.  

The Challenge

Elire needed to identify and contact thousands of AP leaders, leverage existing client relationships, schedule demos, assess the competition, and uncover the client’s strategy over the course of several weeks, all of which took place during the 2021 holiday season. The team had to effectively analyze the data to provide strategic recommendations before the client’s board meeting in mid-December 

Success Delivered

Elire delivered strategic recommendations to MHC’s board and investors, supported by detailed corresponding market research, survey responses, and competitor information. The board and investors are taking Elire’s recommendations into consideration as they continue to develop their tactical plans for product investment over the next year and beyond. Elire has proposed a project to have our developers support the creation of integrations to Oracle ERP applications 

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