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Oracle Cloud Recruiting Implementation and PeopleSoft Co-Existence

Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) is an applied research and development laboratory for the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Office of Environmental Management at the Savannah River Site in South Carolina. Since starting operations in the 1950s during the Cold War, SRNL has built its reputation in three primary mission areas – environmental and legacy management, national security, and weapons production technology – earning the designation of a national laboratory in 2004. It is the only DOE Environmental Management sponsored lab. 

Scope of work

As a part of the separation of the Savanah River Laboratories (SRNL) from the Savanah River Site. SRNL needed the ability to recruit and onboard new employees without using the legacy recruiting systems used by the larger Savanah River Site. To meet this challenge SRNL looked to Oracle Cloud Recruiting and Onboarding to achieve their business goals.  

SRNL partnered with Elire based on Elire’s knowledge and proven track record of implementing Oracle Cloud HCM from PeopleSoft for DOE National Laboratories. Furthermore, Elire’s PeopleSoft to Cloud implementation accelerators and relationships with Oracle gave SRNL the confidence that Elire could successfully implement their new business systems. The Elire team took on this challenge with SRNL under a very tight timeline to deliver a complete recruiting and onboarding solution to SRNL.   

To support the implementation of Oracle recruiting, the implementation and configuration of Oracle Core HR was required, including the configuration of enterprise structures including legal entities, geographies, jurisdictions, and business unit. The team also configured workforce structures including jobs, departments, locations, grades and grade rates as well as worker attributes for person, work relationship, and assignment. The HR user interface pages for employees, managers, and administrators were also configured.  

The team led the legacy mapping of workforce structures and employees to support data migration activities and the integration mappings of data back to peoplesoft to support integration coexistence. Finally, the team configured data role security and map job role assignments for administrators. 

The Elire and SRNL project team completed the configuration and conversion of HR workforce structures and 1500+ active and inactive employees to support recruitment and onboarding. The team also configured LinkedIn and Indeed integrations to improve candidate experience, as well as setup automated notifications and alerts to improve communication channels between recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Systematic feedback collection from interviewers, automated preboarding forms, and electronic signatures for documents was configured. In order to adhere to security policy protocols, multifactor authentication for pending workers was setup.  

Success Delivered

Elire led SRNL through the process of analyzing, designing, and implementing a recruiting solution for Oracle Cloud. Elire replaced the overall Savanah River Site’s antiquated and burdensome recruitment process.  

The team worked hand-in-hand with the SRNL leadership to re-engineer the recruitment process using modern tools and processes to improve the quality of candidates’ experience and to streamline the onboarding process for each new hire. As a part of improving the candidate experience, the team also assisted with improving the recruitment administrative processes in terms of time and quality of the outcome of the staff interactions with the candidates.  

The net effect of the improvements was to increase the candidate satisfaction working with SRNL recruiters and hiring managers to find fulfilling career opportunities at SRNL. The hiring manager and recruiters were able to focus on the core tasks and no longer had to concern themselves with onerous administrative procedures and timeline. Senior management now receives more accurate information on their staffing and recruitment needs, giving them the ability to better plan for laboratory needs in support of the Department of Energy goals that have been entrusted to SRNL management. 

SRNL will roll-out a second release of Cloud HCM in October 2024.  This will include all HR business processes, redesigned annual goals, performance, and compensation appraisal processes, time and absence entry and processing, and payroll to ensure employees are paid accurately. 

Published July 8, 2024. 

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