Current State Process Mapping Assessment 

Founded in 1975, MarketSource is a subsidiary of the Allegis Group. MarketSource works with companies to deliver a customer experience focused on accelerating sales for retail and B2B brands. They design and operationalize sales and customer experience solutions. MarketSource leverages their process methodology to connect people and brands at a deeper level.

Scope of the Project

Elire’s engagement with MarketSource was centered around a Current State Process Mapping Assessment for the hire-to-retire process. Elire mapped current-state business processes for hiring and onboarding, as well as distributing IT assets to employees. The team conducted best practice research, assessed the client’s termination and asset recovery process, identified pain points and disconnects, and made recommendations to improve their IT asset tracking and handling process.  

The Challenge

The MarketSource team had extremely manual hiring and onboarding processes. Additionally, IT assets were tracked manually in a spreadsheet. Asset handling spanned multiple sites and locations which had the potential to result in greater breakdown of processes. The Elire team was faced with locating and mapping these disconnected and broken manual processes, which proved to be difficult. 

Success Delivered

Elire delivered a comprehensive set of strategic recommendations to MarketSource leadership, including ways to standardize their business processes, optimize lower-performing areas, and incentivize key staff. The team delivered quick wins they could easily accomplish to see immediate value, including updating internal training, creating a matrix of assets required by role, and improving hiring and onboarding templates to better align with process requirements.  

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