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The State of Indiana has a population of 6,696,893, making it the 16th most populous and 38th largest state in the United States. Its form of government models after the federal government, holding executive, legislative, and judicial branches with 12 varying departments and divisions that oversee specific state functions.


Scope of the Project

The State of Indiana invited Elire to bid on an RFP for assistance to organize its 1099 process and functionality within PeopleSoft in response to changes in the 1099 NEC form. Changes to 1099 forms rendered the State of Indiana’s existing 1099 forms outdated, which prolonged processes and created the potential to impact tax accuracy. Elire was tasked with evaluating the impact of NEC changes, identifying 1099 processing pain points, and conducting data conversion and supplier cleanup, which would lead to the implementation of configuration changes to the 1099 process by January 2020.

The Challenge

The project team faced a number of complex moving pieces that needed to be executed simultaneously in order to meet the hard January 2020 deadline. With such a large scope and short timeline to complete, test, and execute, the project team needed to ensure milestones were consistently met throughout the process.

Success Delivered

Elire successfully completed all project responsibilities and supported the creation and distribution of 1099s with their new and updated form in October 2019. Elire worked to align the changes by writing a data conversion program, removing customizations used by departments outside of Accounts Payable, and applying a PeopleSoft PUM Image update simultaneously.

With Elire’s work to align the new changes to the State of Indiana’s PeopleSoft environment, the client gained an organized and updated 1099 process that eliminated discrepancies of the outdated forms and allowed for continued efficient processing.

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