State of Indiana

Testing Assessment Implementation

The State of Indiana has a population of 6,696,893, making it the 16th most populous and 38th largest state in the United States. Its form of government models after the federal government, holding executive, legislative, and judicial branches with 12 varying departments and divisions that oversee specific state functions.


Scope of the Project

The State of Indiana became engaged with Elire as a result of a PeopleSoft Optimization Discovery Phase Project, where a pain point indicated significant testing time of the PeopleSoft application. Elire was tasked with evaluating the state of testing documentation to provide the State of Indiana with an awareness of its overall testing strategy, which incorporated 12 different modules across 9 state agencies and 4 state administration offices.

The Challenge

A lack of centralization and wide geographical placement of departments posed challenges to project coordination and alignment. Disconnected geographical arrangement of offices, hospitals, and clinics required significant testing coordination efforts.

Success Delivered

In October 2020, Elire successfully delivered an assessment of script coverage and gaps to uncover issues with testing time of the application. The project team provided recommendations on automation options and the creation of a unified process across all PeopleSoft users that would resolve inefficiencies within the State of Indiana’s overall testing strategies.

Following this project, Elire was requested to implement the recommendations provided, and assisted the State of Indiana in building a unified test plan to implement PeopleSoft Test Framework.

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