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Oracle Cloud ERP and PPM Implementation 

Elire is an Oracle Gold Level and Cloud Standard Consulting Partner with a PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, and Oracle Cloud Product-focus celebrating over fifteen years of experience successfully completing projects for their customers. Elire has delivered success to over 200 clients, efficiently implementing, optimizing, and upgrading clients’ software investments in the following practices: Cloud Services, PeopleSoft Services, Treasury Management Services, Managed Services, E-Business Suite Services, and Strategic Advisory Services.

Scope of the Project

As Elire continued to grow as an organization, we needed an integrated ERP and Project Management tool to streamline our business processes across the organization. We determined that implementing Oracle Cloud’s ERP and Project Portfolio Management solution made sense for Elire due to its extensive features and dashboards, our experienced team of in-house consultants available to implement it, and Project Portfolio Management’s ability to provide valuable insight and functionality for our organization while also ensuring that sales, delivery, and operations interact seamlessly.   Elire began our path to transformation with a road map assessment, reviewing current processes, disconnects, and determining the best solution and approach for the company. The assessment highlighted a need for Business Process Improvement, consolidation of disconnected applications, and establishment of organizational improvement initiatives. The current state business process review revealed heavy manual transactions, repetitive data entry, and data integration disconnects. These disconnects introduced the opportunity for errors and increased risk in processing. In addition to process improvement, Elire was looking to consolidate applications to increase efficiency and drive down software costs.    From here, we determined that the main goals of the project should be focused on Process Automation, increasing internal controls, and enhanced reporting. The assessment team created a plan outlining multiple implementation phases for the transformation project. This ensured the proper amount of change would be managed by the company and stakeholders. The first implementation phase focused on consolidating applications and building the foundation within Cloud ERP. The next phase involved streamlining process automation within Invoicing and reporting. The third phase focused on Automation and enhanced data analytics.

The Challenge

As with all software implementations, there is always resistance to change, even when the current state can be improved. Adding project work to daily tasks can feel like a burden for back-office operation resources. We found that Oracle’s University training program is a highly useful tool for fully understanding the application functionality. Elire’s experience in helping our clients move to the Cloud ensured a strong change management team was in place to identify, plan, and prepare all change items scoped out during design. Elire’s Cloud consulting experience also spoke to the need to spend enough time in design to thoughtfully understand the end to end process as well as all key design decisions impacting your transactions.

Success Delivered

Elire completed our initial move to Oracle Cloud in June of 2018, establishing our footprint on the application. This included Oracle Time and Labor and Expenses along with core configuration in Projects and Core ERP Financials to support Time and Expense entry and processing. This first phase allowed us to consolidate applications across our organizations as well as get our user base on Oracle Cloud. The move to Oracle Cloud offered an improvement in reporting and processing within our operations team. It also provided more enhanced metrics to our leadership team to assist in resourcing decisions.   In September of 2019, Elire went live with Project Financial Management including Project Costing, Billing, and Project Performance.  This optimization Project focused on reducing manual process and duplicate data entry as part of our monthly invoicing process. This was in large part due to expanding our Project Portfolio Management footprint, which allowed for the integration and automation of key processes in our operations. Elire was able to dramatically reduce our invoicing cycle and built dashboards to keep track of metrics such as revenue, employee utilization, and project profitability. Because of our streamlined process in Oracle Cloud with the first two phases of our project, our leadership team has the ability to make better decisions on strategic investments and resources across our organization.     The final phase of our Cloud journey is currently in progress and focuses on additional ERP processing, automation, and enhanced reporting abilities, building upon what was set up during the first two projects. This is setting our organization up for success as we grow into new service offerings across all consulting areas.

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