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Berlin Packaging

PeopleSoft Payments Optimization 

Berlin Packaging is a packaging company that works to provide high quality packaging solutions and benefit their customer’s bottom lines. Headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, Berlin Packaging serves customers in the beverage, food, personal care, pharmaceutical, household care, and industrial industries. With a mission to grow the net income and operational efficiency of its customers, Berlin Packaging ultimately increases sales, reduces costs, and improves productivity for its client’s business processes. 

Scope of the Project

Elire was engaged by an external firm that had existing relations with Berlin Packaging. This engagement led to a partnership that would leverage Elire’s expertise in PeopleSoft and associated resources. At the time of this partnership, Berlin Packaging was using PeopleSoft 9.1 with heavy customizations. The company faced issues with the maintenance of order management and inefficiencies in credit card payment processing from ecommerce consumers. Berlin Packaging lacked a custom stale credit card authorization process, which meant that products could be purchased with an unauthorized credit card. This resulted in product leakage for Berlin Packaging and a negative impact on the company’s bottom line.  

Elire was tasked with creating a process that would address the discrepancies of Berlin Packaging’s credit card processing and authorization to prevent further product leakage and improve the company’s customer service response to potential future issues with payment processing. 

The Challenge

Berlin Packaging’s PeopleSoft environment was heavily customized at the time of engagement. A lack of documentation on these customizations required the Elire team to expend additional resources to understand Berlin Packaging’s customizations and create a plan to move forward. Navigating a heavily modified system can create potential issues that negatively impact the overall state of the system, so ensuring an understanding of Berlin Packaging’s customizations was vital. 


Success Delivered

On September 21st, 2022, Berlin Packaging successfully went live with improvements to its payment processing system. Although Berlin Packaging’s heavily customized PeopleSoft system posed challenges to project completion, Elire was able to successfully implement a process that would address stale credit card authorization and prevent further product leakage for Berlin Packaging. Now, when an authorization on a credit card is no longer valid, the system can put a hold on the order, notify the customer service team, and prevent product leakage until a new payment is added to cover the payment or until an invalid credit card becomes reauthorized.  

Berlin Packaging can also now leverage an automated custom push button that sends an email to notify customers of any card authorization issues. This email improves the process of customer service for Berlin Packaging’s customers as well as employees and improves the company’s bottom line. 

Elire’s work helped prevent inventory loss for over 5100 orders from shipping due to the new CCPICK hold, saving at least $650k for Berlin Packaging. Elire’s support not only prevented large monetary losses for Berlin Packaging, but also helped the company save valuable time, resources, and man hours. The improved customer email notification process for credit card issues has saved at least 215 hours over the first 10 months.  

With the help of Elire’s expertise, Berlin Packaging has improved the overall workload of internal account coordinators and customer service efforts, effectively positioning teams to prepare for the expected growth of online sales while also decreasing associated costs.  


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