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Alliant Energy

PeopleSoft PUM Image Update & 8.58 PeopleTools Upgrade

Alliant Energy serves more than 976,985 electric, natural gas and water customers in the Midwest. The company’s worldwide headquarters are located in Madison, Wisconsin with a team of over 3,375 employees. With a mission to deliver the energy solutions and exceptional service that their customers and communities can count on, they’re committed to safety, efficiency, and responsibility. 

Scope of the Project

Elire personnel first connected with Alliant Energy prior to Elire’s company founding. The partnership relationship has continued over the last 20 years due to Elire Leadership and Consultants remaining as  trusted advisors during Alliant Energy’s various transformation and Peoplesoft optimization efforts. During a complimentary Elire Assessment Day, the team brought in Subject Matter Experts that covered the PeopleSoft modules of interest and provided an update on the state of PeopleSoft, Functionality Roadmap, and new features, then breaking out into specific workshops. This meeting led to a PUM Image update, as well as the completion of a PeopleTools 8.58 upgrade. The PeopleTools upgrade was then followed by a PeopleSoft CCB Bank Reconciliation and Book-to-Bank Integration in parallel.  

The Challenge

There was potential to leverage and optimize the General Ledger and Expenses modules to an even greater extent, though due to bandwidth the team elected to forgo taking on additional tasks in order to achieve the high-priority items designated in scope for the effort.  

Success Delivered

The Elire team worked to retrofit customizations wherever possible using new Application Engine Plug-in functionality to remove modifications from delivered App Engines. Within  PeopleTools,  and the HCM FSCM environments, the project team worked to remove customizations in the Page and Field Configurator, Event Mapping, and Drop Zones.  

For Treasury, the team configured over 150 code mappings and substitution rules as part of the bank statement parsing functionality. They configured additional bank statement accounting rules to automate bank statement transactions that were previously semi manually reconciled, and fully automated the daily prior day BAI2 bank statement import and bank statement parsing jobs. Some custom workflow processes were converted to delivered AWE processes. AP Payment Request functionality with workflow, as well as the new Bank Statement Parsing and Bank Recon functionality for Treasury were also implemented. 

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