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PeopleSoft Fluid Deployment & Customization Removal 

AARP serves as a nonpartisan and nonprofit organization that advocates for older Americans on several federal health and fiscal issues such as Medicare and Social Security. Operating at both state and local levels, AARP fights for better community healthcare services and lower utility rates all across the United States. Covering over 38 million members, AARP provides critical medical support resources, healthcare discounts, and income security to Americans over the age of fifty. 

Scope of the Project

After previously engaging another firm’s PeopleSoft HCM assessment services, AARP transitioned to Elire’s services at the end of 2022. Looking to implement PeopleSoft Update Manager 42 (PUM 42) and deploy up-to-date Fluid Technolgy, AARP enlisted various Elire expert resources to take on the challenge. Elire had lofty goals for the project, aiming to implement a new PeopleSoft Navigation Portal and Application Suite Homepages across HCM and FSCM environments.  

Furthermore, Elire was tasked with removing pre-existing customizations and the full implementation of PeopleSoft Fluid across various PeopleSoft HCM modules. Project modules included Core HR, Position Management, Benefits, Open Enrollment, Time & Labor Fluid and Mobile Timesheets, and Fluid Workflow Approvals. 

Project Summary

Jumpstarting the project, Elire and AARP’s partnership developed through an in-depth Phase One Assessment that fully leveraged Elire’s proprietary accelerator tools and highlighted Elire’s long-standing expertise in PeopleSoft Fluid Applications. As the project unfolded, Elire looked to minimize current state customizations that impacted AARP’s ability to efficiently maintain up to date PUM images on a more consistent basis. In addition to maintaining PUMs, AARP sought utilize more standardized processes supported by delivered application capabilities. Elire simultaneously deployed a team of experts to assess AARP’s use of the existing Classic Timesheet, ultimately enhancing the end-user experience while streamlining the timesheet administration by leveraging the newly delivered Fluid Timesheet.  

The Challenge

AARP and Elire initially faced challenges due to heavy customizations within AARP’s PeopleSoft environment. Lack of documentation surrounding customizations required Elire to leverage their Customization Identification process in order to identify and remove customizations. With an emphasis on removing, replacing, and re-engineering existing customizations, Elire utilized their Scope Object Tracker to make key decisions and create future state recommendations. 

Posing an additional challenge, AARP’s highly customized Classic Time & Labor Timesheet required both an assessment and reimplementation into a new Fluid Timesheet. In order to successfully implement a new Fluid Timesheet, Elire utilized Oracle based timesheet improvements and selectively adopted new timesheet functionality delivered in PUM45. Although initially straining and meticulous, the Elire team reacted quickly to minimize risks associated with a change of this magnitude so late in the project.   

Success Delivered

AARP and Elire successfully completed the Fluid Application and De-customization project in 2023. AARP now maintains a more current and stable PeopleSoft application and the advantage of new Oracle Fluid release functionalities through future PUM updates. Additionally, Elire’s PeopleSoft Fluid Deployment set the foundation for enhanced application mobility in the future. 

An overwhelming success, the 2023 go-live required very minimal production support. If project related issues were identified, the Elire team quickly isolated the problem and provided temporary workarounds until a more permanent technical solution could be implemented. The AARP go-live achieved overall success primarily due to both teams’ commitment to adhering to development best practices, meticulous execution of crucial cutover processes, and effective coordination of Training and Change Management activities.  

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