Recap: Quest Cloud Applications Week

Quest Cloud Applications Week

Industry Cloud Experts and Oracle Leaders joined the Quest Cloud Applications Week conference from June 7-11 to cover HCM, ERP, CX, EPM and SCM Cloud services and capabilities, demonstrating how to get the most value out of your IT investments.

Oracle Cloud experts shared insights on how to help move your technology roadmap forward, covering topics like the implementation of cloud applications, business processes, talent acquisition, reporting, testing, Internet of Things (IoT), and thought leadership.  

The post-pandemic world has brought change for many business processes. Session topics addressed key considerations to effectively react to these changes, acknowledging emerging trends to create optimal employee experiences. Along with change also comes exposure to new risks. Oracle experts addressed the topic of risk management, highlighting the need for a risk-intelligent culture.  

Other topics addressed included Scenario Planning to help companies visualize, plan, and assess decision making to create a path for growth. Automated testing for Oracle Cloud applications was also discussed to minimize and ease burden of testing. For more information on testing automation best practices, check out Elire’s blog post “Testing Automation Best Practices” here.  

Elire Cloud Presentations

Elire experts Aaron Bulthuis and Joey Farah joined Quest Applications week to discuss functionality in Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC), providing a case study of a recent ORC implementation and key considerations for moving to ORC. Elire experts emphasized the capabilities of ORC for recruiting processes, including its ability to provide seamless integration to your Oracle Cloud footprint and improved reporting capabilities that eliminate the need for repetitive data entry.  

They also highlighted valuable ORC functions like the Oracle Digital Assistant (ODA) which streamlines the candidate-to-hire experience to improve talent acquisition. Issues with bandwidth, technology, and workflow can impact the recruiting process by neglecting critical candidates, but capabilities like the ODA can prevent this and create an enhanced recruiting process for companies.  

To learn more about ORC implementation and capabilities, watch Elire’s presentation on “Oracle Recruiting Cloud – The Cutting Edge of Talent Acquisition” or read our recent blog post, “Taleo vs. ORC – How Do They Stack up?” 

Session recordings of all topics covered are available on the Quest Cloud Applications Week website — linked here.   

If you are looking to fully understand the value that Oracle Cloud and its capabilities can bring, reach out to [email protected] to connect with one of our trusted advisors.


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