Quest RECONNECT Envision 2021 Recap

Quest RECONNECT Envision 2021 Recap

Thank you to all who joined Elire and other PeopleSoft users at Quest RECONNECT Envision this year! Over the course of four days, Quest Oracle Community delivered 150+ sessions to 1660 attendees focused on planning for the future of PeopleSoft which included topics like roadmaps, updates, enhancements, and cloud capabilities during Quest RECONNECT Envision.  The session recordings and slides will be available to RECONNECT Envision attendees in Accelevents through May 13th, 2021. After this date, all recordings and slide decks can be found by Quest Professional and Corporate members on the Quest website. Attendees can also visit the RECONNECT Envision page of the Quest website to download a form to claim CEP credits for the live sessions attended.   Here, we’ll recap some of the conference highlights and announcements from RECONNECT Envision that PeopleSoft users should be aware of.   

PeopleSoft Support Extension Through 2032

During the PeopleSoft Investment Strategy & Roadmap keynote, Paco Aubrejuan, Senior Vice President of Applications Development at Oracle, made the announcement that Oracle has extended support for PeopleSoft through the year 2032. This is a continuation of Oracle’s historic 10-year rolling window of support for PeopleSoft which ensures that PeopleSoft customers will continue to have over a decade of continued updates to the on-premise platform.  

The Evolution of the User Experience

Rebekah Jackson reviewed the evolution of the user experience in PeopleSoft 9.2, soliciting user feedback and adoption rate of new features including Fluid for casual and administrative users, Embedded Analytics (Kibana), Digital Assistants and Tests, as well as search-first navigation.   While excitement around these new capabilities was a resounding yes, adoption rate or plans for adoption varied across the board. Key insights revealed included that the majority of the attendees were enjoying the new look and feel of 8.59. They also saw increased/improved end user satisfaction with the adoption of fluid. An addition takeaway worth noting that despite the increased buzz surrounding Kibana and chatbots, the majority of attendees were unsure or did not currently have a plan in place to implement chatbots or Kibana analytics.  

Roadmap for Modernization

With the announcement of Oracle’s continued investment in PeopleSoft including the extension of Premier support until 2032, Oracle has also released the roadmap for the continued modernization and ease of utilization for PeopleSoft. This includes additional automation opportunities, and eventually the “Intelligent, Autonomous PeopleSoft.”   Within the next 6 months, most users will continue to operate on the Selective Adoption model and will be looking to partners like Elire to help remove customizations, support resource constraints organizations are currently facing, and move PeopleSoft customers forward to be able to leverage these future capabilities to reduce operating costs and enhance user experience.

Revisiting Elire’s Sessions

On Tuesday, April 27th, 2021, Elire presented “Automating Processes with RPA & Chatbots”, “PeopleSoft Automation – Testing, Data Entry and Validation with PTF”, and “Enhancing Financial Clarity and Liquidity Management with PeopleSoft Cash Management.” (As a reminder, access these session recordings via the Accelevents through May 13th, 2021, and then through the Quest website thereafter).  In the meantime, additional information on RPA and Chatbots can be found on the Elire blog by check out this piece on “Testing Automation vs. Robotic Process Automation”. Take a look at this blog post on “PTF Extendibility: Finding Gaps in Testing during PUM Application” as well for our take on how organizations use their PeopleSoft environments and how changes to PeopleSoft might impact their business processes.   Wednesday, April 28th, 2021, we presented “Fluid for PeopleSoft P2P: Analytics and Reporting”, continued the conversation around PTF with “Integrating PeopleSoft Test Framework”, touched on “Project Management Success – Tools and Templates to Drive Performance”, addressed “Lease Accounting: There is Still Time to Move to a Best-In-Practice Solution” and then wrapped up the day with our last two sessions “Kibana and ElasticSearch: Improving Analytics Through Data Visualization” and “Tools and Tips for Improving Your PUM Strategy Through Minimizing Customization Impacts”.   Be sure and check out our guide to “Kibana Tips and Best Practices” here, along with this piece on “Tools for Project Management & The Role of Digital Transformation in Project Management”.  For the final day of RECONNECT Envision, Thursday, April 29th we presented “Path to Cloud, How Ready Are You?” where we touched on how businesses are rethinking their IT strategy to allow for increased flexibility and enhanced support from their on-premise applications.   Next, we talked about “Optimizing PeopleSoft with CDM Best Practices” and rounded out the conference with “Optimizing PeopleSoft P2P with Fluid Enhancements – Req to Check Processing”. A similar webinar was presented recently, with the recording available here.  

Elire has an entire library of PeopleSoft educational content on our blog. Visit the PeopleSoft 9.2 blog section here for access to all of our articles and webinar recordings related to our RECONNECT Envision presentations.   Be sure and save the date for RECONNECT Dive Deep, which will be held October 4th through 7th, 2021! Stay tuned for registration updates by following our social channels on Twitter and LinkedIn


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