PeopleSoft Test Framework Expanded

Are you taking advantage of PeopleSoft Test Framework / PTF?

PeopleSoft Test Framework

Elire PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Expert, Valentin Todorow, recently presented this Quest Oracle Community Webinar detailing the flexibility and scalability of this free tool included with your PeopleTools stack. The extendibility of this tool is amazing and this webinar intended to outline the various integrations, reporting and scheduling of PTF tests including Production validation many Elire clients leverage with their PTF solution.

Check out the infographic below for the highlights of PTF Extendibility.

PeopleSoft Test Framework extendability with reporting, scheduling and integrations.

Elire is the industry leader in PTF implementations and offers a variety of PTF Services to help your organization unlock this delivered PeopleSoft tool.

Elire PeopleSoft PTF Services include:

PTF Standard – Jump Start of PTF tool and recording within your environment. Assist with the development of complex scripts via guided workshops focused on knowledge transfers. Development of PTF Strategy based on Elire methodology and recording/execution methods

PTF Advanced – Including all of PTF standard offering plus advanced drill-down pivot grid reporting, and Elire XSL style sheets for local script reporting. We will also supply select vanilla pre-built PTF scripts to supplement the recording efforts of customized/bolt-on components

PTF Premium – Overseeing the entire PTF recording project utilizing multiple Elire Resources to completely automate the client’s entire test script repository. This will utilize advanced recording methods that take into account negative testing, query-based data input, and various result validation approaches

PTF Upkeep – Supporting current PTF users to maximize PTF usage, including updates and maintenance to ensure usability with upgrading to PeopleTools 8.59, Fit/Gap analysis to ensure you have covered your bases and are testing everything live users are using in production, New Script addition to your existing library, and managed execution and reporting for your PTF scripts

Download our informational PDF on PeopleSoft Test Framework or view success stories on our PeopleSoft Services Page. View recent webinars and more on our Elire Youtube Page.


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