Press Release: PeopleSoft Upgrade Accelerator Tools

PeopleSoft Upgrade Accelerator tools from PeopleSoft Partner

Elire is excited to offer our new and improved Elire PeopleSoft Upgrade Accelerator Tools for evaluating PeopleSoft projects! What once began as methodology we’ve now transformed and expanded to develop into this unique suite of tools. At a high level, Elire recognized the need to more easily and efficiently assess what is working and what is not for our clients. In this powerful suite of tools designed to keep PSFT projects on track, our Accelerators outline a process for moving projects forward where we’re able to:

-Document current-state disconnects and link them to future-state solutions

-Support a thorough review of Scope items and allows Project scope to be set with confidence

-Track approved Scope items from Design through Build/Unit Testing to ensure the project is on track 

-Provide detailed tracking of action items, issues, and risks

These Accelerators truly set Elire apart from the competition.

”It’s been really great. [The Accelerators] have been a key differentiator for Elire. Whenever we talk about or demonstrate this tool within an RFP or an Orals presentation, this sets Elire head and shoulders above our competition. It’s something we bring to the table that our competitors don’t.  It’s a comprehensive tool that allows our clients to set scope thoughtfully and with confidence.  It then keeps the resulting projects on track and on budget.  The tools are easy to use and data-driven. They take the guesswork out of what would otherwise be very difficult decisions.”

 -Michael Merrill, Elire Partner & Co-CEO

Resources are able to configure these tools to fit our clients’ needs, based on the unique current-state of their organization. We’re able to make the necessary configurations, load data, and work within these tools to deliver timely and efficient upgrades.

Interested in a demonstration of Accelerator Tools? Reach out to PeopleSoft Practice Lead, Jeff Hilliard ([email protected]) to schedule a demo.

Learn more about our PeopleSoft Service Offerings or visit our PeopleSoft Blog for recent PUM Images, new features, and more!


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