PeopleTools 8.59 New Features and Enhancements

Oracle has recently released the PeopleTools 8.59 update. Below, take a look at the key features and enhancements released in this most recent update.

PeopleSoft User Interface  

Updates to the user interface in PeopleTools 8.59 include enhancements to the Homepage as well as Menu and Content Search features, Real-Time Indexing, Quick Access Bar, Notifications Panel, and the NavBar and Menu. With these enhancements, search can now be the primary means of navigation in your PeopleSoft systems. On the homepage, you’re able to utilize the quick access bar on the left which provides one-click access to your favorites and most recently visited items.  

Kibana and Analytics  

The Kibana and Analytics updated features in PeopleTools 8.59 include Kibana, External Data Integration, Pivot Grid, and Composite Query Viewer. PeopleSoft search framework has been upgraded to the 7.10 version of Elasticsearch, and the Analytics platform has also been upgraded to Kibana version 7.10 and Logstash version 7.10. Search framework provides flexibility to filter data in a visualization.


Notification Administration and Notification Personalization have been updated in PeopleTools 8.59. The Notification Administration component consolidates the configuration and administration of notifications as appropriate for your systems. You can also adjust and set system defaults in the notifications panel. For notification personalization, you’re now required to consent prior to receiving any text notifications, and you are also able to select and configure contact preferences for email addresses and phone numbers.

Lifecycle Management  

Customization repository, PUM Automated updates, and configuration impact reports. The customization repository is used to identify objects that have been customized. Access this through the update manager homepage.

PUM Image updates are now automated as well, with this feature, you’ll be able to download PRPs as they become available, apply the PRP to the PUM source, define and create change packages, as well as apply the source only steps.

You can generate SQR reports on configurations you’ve made through drop zones, event mapping, and application engine plugin. These reports allow you to manage and keep track of the configurations you have. You can maintain these reports as a record which can be referred to if you make changes in the future.


Configuration enhancements include Event Mapping and Application Engine Plugin. Event Mapping has been redelivered as a fluid navigation collection. You can add new configurations as well as search for, edit or delete the existing navigation path for configurations. Your PeopleSoft system enables you to run an on-exit application engine plugin at the end of an application engine program based on certain exit conditions.


Integration features include Application Services Framework and Extended OAuth2 Support. Enhancements to Applications Services simplify creating REST services and enforce naming standards. In 8.58, Oracle supported OAuth2 for the IDCS authorization server. In 8.59, Oracle extends OAuth2 support to include Azure, Okta and Ping.

Infrastructure and Platform  

Infrastructure and platform features include DPKs, DPK for DB2 z/OS Batch Setup, Platform Support, and Relocatable Puppet for DPK Installation. DPKs are posted every quarter with versions of Oracle WebLogic, Oracle Tuxedo, Oracle DB Client, JRE/JDK that include critical patch updates or CPUs. You can use the Infrastructure DPK in two ways: use it to include updated software in the new installation, and now you can also apply CPUs to the software components on an existing environment.

Additional Key Features  

Additional key features in PeopleTools 8.59 include updates and enhancements to Activity Guides, PeopleSoft Query Data Masking, Accessibility, and Oracle Cloud Attachments. Activity Guide enhancements enable you to specify default answers for questionnaire questions in acidity guide templates. Using the Grant Custom Action, a contributor to an activity guide can grant access to an activity guide action item. The grant is then recorded to the grants log. For PeopleSoft Query Data Masking, personally identifiable information can be enabled or disenabled from the Query Administration Page.  

Accessibility enhancements include dynamic screen reader mode support, additional keyboard shortcut, and adjustments to WCAG 2.1. Users can now dynamically set their screen reader preferences. This release adds OCI object storage to the selection of file repositories for file attachment and process scheduler report distribution.

For more information and details regarding PeopleTools 8.59, visit My Oracle Support for the new feature overview, and view the PeopleTools 8.59 Highlights video here. Check out our PeopleSoft Blog and stay up to date on the latest Image releases and PeopleSoft news.



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