PeopleTools 8.58 Overview

PeopleTools 8.58 is here and ready for download. For customers running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), you’ll need the latest patch through the PeopleTools 8.58 subscription channel which can be found in PeopleSoft Cloud Manager. If you’re not quite ready for an upgrade to PeopleTools 8.58, you still have time! Due to COVID-19, the PeopleTools 8.56 Critical Patch Update (CPU) support that was scheduled to end in October 2020 has been extended to have a new end date of April 2021. 

Below is an overview of some of the notable features of PeopleTools 8.58 to consider as you prepare to upgrade!

Chatbot Enhancements: This automated tool features the Absence Chatbot which shouldn’t be overlooked. In order to make use of this tool, you’ll need to be on PeopleTools 8.57.07 or later and an Oracle Digital Assistant subscription is also required. 

Updated PeopleSoft User Interface: Additional enhancements have been made to deliver an updated and contemporary look. The updated style sheets have new colors, headers, icons, and effects. They apply to fluid pages, secondary pages, mobile pages, and others. 

Configuration and Isolation Customizations: Event mapping now supports FieldDefault, FieldEdit, SearchInIt, and search save events for component record fields. Dropzones are also supported on classic pages and are configurable, allowing you to add your desired components. PeopleTools 8.58 enables you to configure and add modifications to application engine programs. 

Reporting and Analytics: On reporting and analytics, updates include charting features, PeopleSoft Query, the ability to use Microsoft Excel templates in BI Publisher, the addition of thresholds and analytics notifications, additions to the pivot grids, Kibana analytics, report distribution, and run control ID management.

Search: PeopleTools 8.58 supports Elasticsearch 7.0 and Kibana 7.0. The masking of personally identifiable information while looking through search results is now available. The removal of facets from the search page if it contains sensitive information is also an available feature. 

Integration: CI to REST Interface: Integration broker creates web services, including REST-based web services from a component interface. PeopleTools 8.58 introduces support for sending and receiving services in JSON as well.    

Lifecycle Management: PUM Images Using Oracle 19c: PUM images will use Oracle 19c database software. 19c is the terminal release of the 12.2.x database code line and will be supported for an extended period of time. 

Platform and COBOL: PeopleTools 8.58 will deliver infrastructure DPKs that contain up to date CPU patches soon after they’re made available. They will be delivered as needed with an updated CPU or with other elements deemed necessary. 

Security, Data Privacy, and Monitoring: Data privacy framework makes it possible to identify and mask personally identifiable information and sensitive data. Support for Open Authorization (OAuth) 2.0 is also featured. 

For further details and information about the new features of PeopleTools 8.58, be sure to check out the features in the 8.58 Highlights Video for a deeper dive into these and other great features.


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