PeopleSoft Release Patch: Report Vaccine and Test Results

On September 9th, 2021, President Biden announced that all workplaces with 100 employees or more must require COVID-19 vaccinations or a weekly negative test result before coming to work. With more than 80 million employees in the private sector, organizations will need to find an efficient way for employees to report and keep track of vaccination records and test results.   

PeopleSoft’s HCM PUM Image 40 releasing on October 18th, 2021, planned to include a self-service feature that allows employees to enter medical results. However, with the immediate need for efficient vaccination and COVID-19 test result reporting, PeopleSoft has released this feature as a PeopleSoft Release Patchset (PRP).  

PeopleSoft users can now download this PRP from Oracle Support, apply it to their PeopleSoft Image, and immediately begin using the COVID-19 vaccine reporting and test result feature.   

PeopleSoft’s Health and Safety module will simplify the task of reporting health and safety information for your organization. Not only can it help your organization track and report vaccine and COVID-19 test results, but it also provides an efficient way to report other employee health information like defining injuries and illnesses, work restrictions, allergies, and more.   

How to Report COVID-19 Vaccine for Work   

Employees can self-report vaccinations, medical test results, and allergy records by navigating to the Health and Safety module and entering information into delivered fields. If employees want to confirm their COVID-19 vaccine, they would navigate to the Health and Safety module, submit vaccination details, upload an attachment (proof of vaccination) and hit save. Once the employee presses save, the transaction is sent to the Health and Safety Administrator for review and approval.  

How to Report Negative COVID-19 Test Result for Work   

If an employee chooses to submit a weekly negative test result instead of vaccination information, they can report a negative COVID-19 test result by navigating to the “Test Results” section in the Health and Safety module, where they will see previously submitted results or the option to enter new results.  

As delivered, Test type and date are required fields, but organizations can also use Page & Field Configurators to hide or add additional fields. Employees enter the test details, upload an attachment with proof of test results, and hit save. This information is then sent to the Health and Safety Administrator for approval.   

Employees can also report positive COVID-19 tests via self-service, and if the employee contracted COVID-19 through work, this information will be sent to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  

Using Kibana Analytics, your organization can use data visualizations to better monitor health and safety of employees. This data will show how many COVID-19 cases have occurred for employees by date range and work location. The data can also give insight into the cases that were work-related, and other information like how many days an employee missed due to COVID-19, as well as if medical treatment and hospitalization were required.   

This information can help your organization prepare for changes in workflow, proactively respond to these changes, and understand what effects COVID-19 cases have had on your workplace. 

For more information on the PeopleSoft Release Patch that can help your organization adjust to COVID-19 vaccine and test reporting requirements, contact [email protected] and visit our PeopleSoft Services page.  

Additional Oracle documentation related to the Patch can be viewed after log-in and is available here


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