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The year 2020 brought innumerable changes to work processes. Companies now have prioritized needs to understand job data, address consumer and workplace communication techniques, and ensure the transition to remote work is streamlined. At this year’s RECONNECT Envision conference, experts focused on updates to PeopleSoft HR and Roadmaps, focusing on current and planned enhancements that can help meet changing workplace needs.  

Experts highlighted upcoming features, like additions to PICASO and Kibana, and other enhancements can help adjust to remote work and improve employee health, autonomy and retention. Here are some of the key highlights that can help you navigate the future of PeopleSoft HR functionality. 

Kibana Analytics: 

Data visualization is now a key component of business processes. For those who have implemented Kibana or plan to, understanding key features of this tool can help optimize its performance. Administrators and leaders can now use a modern palette of data visualizations available from tiles and related content within PeopleSoft, aiding in the process of strategic decision making. Current Kibana Analytics skills include HR Workforce Composition, Health and Safety Incidents, Recruiting, Time & Labor Reported Time, Absence Management Events, Payroll Operations, and Benefits Plans functions. 

As for what’s to come, PeopleSoft’s roadmap intends to add more features around the Position and Job Data component. PeopleSoft’s modernization of Job Data creates a simplified user experience for HR Administrators, and adds enhancements like a new configurable search component, activity guide-based user interface, attachments, approvals, and drop zones. The PeopleSoft roadmap also includes enhancements to remote work and onboarding/offboarding functions that use a simplified, Fluid checklist and support for pre-boarding activities.  

Users can also expect enhancements to functionality of recruiter dashboards, absence management processed absences, time and labor payable time, learning enrollment and registration, and HR Help Desk Case Management functionalities.  

PICASO & Digital Assistants: 

According to Gartner, by 2022, 70% of office workers will interact with conversational platforms on a daily basis. Not only will these conversational platforms affect workplace communication, but they will also affect the way consumers communicate. 74% of consumers prefer chatbots when they’re looking for instant answers. 

PICASO, PeopleSoft Intelligent Chat Assistant from Oracle, allows for a single conversational interface across all PeopleSoft applications, allowing consumers and employees access to questions instantly. Learn more about PICASO here. 

PeopleSoft plans to deliver multiple Digital Assistants (DA), like PeopleSoft Supplier, Applicant and Student Digital Assistants. and future updates. The employee digital assistant is currently available, providing skills to benefits, payroll, absence, employee directory, requisition, expense, and more.  

Remote Worker Enhancements  

With the increase in remote work, PeopleSoft has evaluated their roadmap to provide features that can help with the transition and improve the environment of remote work. In image 40, remote worker features like the ability to view employee remote status on multiple PeopleSoft pages, additional Kibana visualizations, and customer enhancement requests will be available. Managers will also have the ability to access self-service reporting to enter Health & Safety incidents. 

To better track employee wellness, PeopleSoft HR functions will allow employees to self-service health and wellness information, determine work assignments and office openings, and allow customers to track vaccinations and test results for employees. 

Another future roadmap item is employee self-identification features, which will capture and track employee birth gender, current gender, and gender identity, allowing employees to indicate their preferred pronoun(s).  

Other benefits to enhance employee engagement include the modernization of performance management capabilities. Target roadmap items for this modernization include a new Fluid design to improve mobile usability. Users will be able to view ratings and progress during checkpoints, request peer feedback, review and use performance notes, and track positive feedback provided throughout the year. These enhancements to performance management capabilities can improve engagement align employees to corporate goals and business objectives.  

Time and Labor enhancements are also a target roadmap item that users can plan on seeing. Users can expect to see enhanced absence management and forecasting, updates to Fluid self-service absence pages, improved payable time approvals creation, and the ability to use PeopleSoft PICASO for time inquiries. 

Users can also expect to see improvements to payroll functions that allow employees to have more control over when and how they are paid. Employees will be able to request hours worked to be paid in advance of pay day and can see direct deposits made the next business day, relieving the financial burden for those living paycheck to paycheck. 

More features to payroll are to come and users can expect on demand calculation for on cycle pay sheets, enhanced options for direct deposit, and remote worker payroll auto enrollment for tax distribution. 

Navigating the future of PeopleSoft may seem overwhelming, but Elire is here to help. Reach out to [email protected] to discuss how to stay up to date with new PeopleSoft updates and features to meet your business goals.  

For more information on Elire’s PeopleSoft services and expertise, visit our PeopleSoft Services Page here.  


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