PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 48 Recap 

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 48 is now available. A brief video overview of Image 48 has been provided by the Oracle PeopleSoft YouTube channel and recaps the key features available in this release. Here, we’ll detail highlights of the new and expanded features, including enhanced Employee Recognition, Position Management, W-2 Sending Opt-out, and more which are available below. For a comprehensive overview of the new features and enhancements, view the Cumulative Feature Overview Tool available on the PeopleSoft Support website

Insights for Position Management 

PeopleSoft HCM delivers the new position management insight style which gives administrators access to a collection of analytics to help oversee and manage positions. The position management insights dashboard provides visual representations of position data metrics, displays headcount data, identifies pending approval requests, and lists details of positions that meet the filter criteria.

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Team Calendars for Other Roles  

PeopleSoft HCM delivers extended role-based access to the team calendars, encompassing administrator’s matrix teams and business partners, as well as the ability to delegate the team calendar and its associated events. You can use the select-team page to search and navigate to the required team calendar view. The search fields on this page can be modified using the calendar preferences page. 

Employee Recognition  

PeopleSoft HCM introduces the recognition feature, enabling users to acknowledge the achievements and accomplishments of individuals in the organization throughout the year. Using the team recognition tile, managers can view the recognitions that their team members have received, and the list of recognitions that they’ve sent to their team members. 

When adding a new recognition from an employee’s page, the system pre-populates that employee as the recipient. Enter what you want to tell the employee, who can see it, and whether viewers can enter comments. You can also create group recognitions by adding multiple people to the recipients list. 

Fluid Leave Donations  

PeopleSoft HCM delivers the manage leave donation functionality in fluid, enabling employees to donate, receive, return, terminate, and view a history of their leave donation transactions from desktops and smartphones. The manage leave donation page initially displays the donate leave and receive leave donation tiles if you haven’t submitted any leave donation transaction before. The leave donation history tile becomes available after you’ve received or donated leave time. This update to fluid leave donations offers solid functionality for those already leveraging leave donations and will typically see fairly heavy usage. 

Savings Plan Flexible Age Limit and 415(c) Age 50 Catchup 

PeopleSoft enhances the limit table to meet the requirements of Secure Act 2.0 Section 109 which allows different catch-up contribution limits by age for individuals under retirement plans. The benefits administrator can now enter different catch-up amounts for different age groups using the age limit grid. A 415-C age limit is now available as requested on the Ideas Lab, which will assist employers in tracking the contribution limit. 

Fluid Person Data Edit Capabilities for Approver 

Fluid person data, which was delivered in Image 47, allows organizations to use fluid approvals for requests to add new employees, contingent workers, or persons of interest with a job. In Image 48, approvers now have access to the edit details link from the pending approvals pages. Approvers can select this link to access the corresponding organizational relationship activity guide in edit mode and make changes to the job data prior to approving the request.  

Remote Worker Request Update Enhancement  

The remote worker request feature makes updating requests even easier by automatically updating the end date of a current row when adding a new request. When a new request overlaps with the end date of a current request, the page will notify you that the end date for the previous request will be set to the day before the start date of the new request.  

Using Configuration to Enhance Manage Job Opening Page  

PeopleSoft HCM delivers several enhancements to the managed job opening page. Recruiters and recruiting administrators can now see additional information for their applicants. Additional information is available for the manage applicant page as well. This has been configurable in some fashion for a while, but was much too complex for clients. With this release, it is likely to be a bit more useful. It’s worth noting that this is not likely something users should take on without a capable team. 

Opt-out Sending W-2 Info to Tax Preparer Provider Using Employee Self-Service  

Payroll for North America delivered the US tax preparer import file feature in Image 44, allowing administrators to create files with W2 W2C data for all employees to be sent to tax preparation software providers for tax filing purposes. Starting in Image 48, employees can opt out of sharing their W-2, W-2C data with tax preparation software providers. Use the third-party data sharing consent section of the W-2, W-2C consent page to provide or withdraw the consent to share tax data. 

Global Payroll and Absence Management Element Trace Viewer 

With PeopleSoft HCM’s element trace viewer feature, you can see how and in what sequence each element on the process list was resolved during absence and payroll processing. It gives the user a better experience while analyzing internal or extracted element resolution chains. Three tabs are available in the element index section element additional details and other data you can view the values and the forwarded retro details in the element.  

Additional features not mentioned here are also available in this release. For more information on PeopleSoft Update Image 48, view the HCM 48 highlights page here. For more on the latest PeopleSoft updates, subscribe to our monthly PeopleSoft newsletter. In the meantime, browse our PeopleSoft Services page here and explore how Elire can help with all things PeopleSoft.


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