PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 45 Highlights

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 45
PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 45

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 45 is now available. This update provides new features and enhancements to your PeopleSoft HCM Application, including Idea Space features for enhancements to Fluid Timesheets, Administrators Capability to Delete Draft Remote Worker Requests, and additional configuration options for the company directory and headers for employee details. 

Read on below for more information and watch the HCM Update Image 45 summary overview on youtube.  

Maintaining regular PUM Image Updates and enhancements allows you to unlock additional ROI from your PeopleSoft Application and modernize your user experience. Read more about staying up-to-date with PeopleSoft PUM Updates and PeopleTools upgrades on our recent blog post.  


Fluidize Performance Management Documents 

Performance Management functionality was redesigned in fluid to provide a modernized user experience while conducting performance reviews. The Team Documents lists shows documents and where the review stage is at for employees. It also has the ability to configure lists, create documents, and view documents from other managers. Templates within the documents are highly configurable, with configuration available on all four stages of the employee review cycle. 

Stages are: 

  • Define Criteria – Add goals, competencies, and criteria from available selections.  
  • Checkpoints – Allow to check mid-period progress on goals or competencies per employee. Insert quick feedback about a goal or competency – utilizing the STAR model. 
  • Finalize Criteria – Add any final adjustments before evaluation. 
  • Evaluation – Finish entering ratings and comments for the performance review as you go through the document. This includes viewing peer reviews, comments from previous steps and checkpoints, and employee self-review  

Reviews and peer review requests are now available in the Employee Self-Service Performance Tile on mobile. 

Manage Absences Self-Service Page 

Enhancements to the Manage Absences Self-Service page include capabilities to view previous absence requests, create new absence requests, view balances, and calendar from the new related information panel. Absence cards for recent absence requests and provides a summary of the absence. With View All Requests link you can see can see all requests.  

Balance Hours and Duration are available for type of absence selected. Check eligibility allows user to check availability based on hours entered. The Related Info panel shows balances and holidays if enabled. 

Fluid Timesheet Enhancements – Idea Space Feature 

PeopleSoft HCM Update image 45 changes include revised period header and timesheet columns, removed weekly pagination, and more.  Review the timesheet by week or by period – the scroll bar is enabled to view timesheet for an entire period instead of navigation through previous weekly paginatioGraphical user interface, application

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View scheduled and reported time in the same window. Add comment for each row is now available in the related actions area. 

Enhancements available on Time Summary Page – revised Period header that functions in a similar way to Enter Time Page. 

Additional Display Configurability for Company Directory 

Admins can now set up the fluid company directory to show additional info – including pronouns, title – Job title, business title, or position title. Admins can also now configure Remote work status and local time to display on a profile page. 

Configurable Fluid Header Display 

HCM PUM Image 45 also includes enhancements to display additional info about team members in headers – including remote work status and pronouns. If an employee has a hybrid/flexible remote schedule, utilize the hyperlink to see their remote work schedule.  

Fluid employee configuration for snapshot for employee – pronouns, contact details, job related information – shows header fields relevant to a fluid application page. 

Assist in Preventing Duplicate Dependents * Idea Spaces feature 

PS Benefits now allows employees to identify duplicate dependents. When you add a national ID that matches yours or a dependent, you get a warning if there is a duplicate national ID. 

BI Publisher Bulk Printing to Forms 1099-R and 1042-S 

NA Payroll enables bulk print files for two year-end forms: 

  • Form 1099-R – Delivers the ability to bulk print Form 1099-R using BI Publisher for 4 corner laser cut and 4 corner pressure seal 
  • Form 1042-S – Delivers the ability to bulk print Form 1042-S using BI Publisher for lase cut forms only 

Remote Worker Vaccination Visualization 

Administrators can view the vaccination status of employees by remote worker status, and by vaccination type. Similar to other visualizations, scroll over for additional details on vaccination status. 

Administrators Capability to Delete Draft Remote Worker Request * Idea Spaces Feature 

Admins can now delete Remote Worker requests that are in draft status. Since the system does not allow an employee to submit a new request while there is a draft status, this allows the admin to delete requests and employees or managers to submit a new request 

Applicants Can See Job Posting Information on Application Summary 

Applicants can view posting information for jobs applied to in Candidate Gateway. Posting information is now available as a link in the application summary. Applicants can view details even if the job posting is closed.  

For more information and additional enhancements view the Cumulative Feature Overview tool in MyOracle Support and the PeopleSoft Information Portal. 

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