PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 42 Highlights

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 42

Preferred Name Enabling, Enhanced Analytics, and More 

PeopleSoft HCM Update Image 42 is now available with new features including enhanced analytics and new Kibana dashboards, the Employee Calendar feature, and Preferred Name enablement for recruiting solutions. A brief overview of features and enhancements is below. For additional details on HCM PUM Image 42, view the overview video from Oracle below or access the Cumulative Feature Overview tool for PeopleSoft. 

Analytics for HCM 

Remote Worker Dashboard 

Managers can now utilize the remote worker dashboard to see specific remote work information about all reports. The dashboard displays employee count in relation to direct and indirect reports. Two manager-related filters available: 

  1. Supervisor filter – for supervisors in your downline 
  1. Employee filter – filter by specific employees and information including distribution of onsite, hybrid, and remote employees and percentage of time allocation.  

Global Payroll Trends Dashboard 

The new Global Payroll Trends dashboard for administrators provides insight into payroll trends. View interactive visualizations for work areas in your responsibility. Identify fluctuations and peaks in payroll frequency, payroll status, etc. Multiple visualizations are available in the dashboard including bar charts for on and off-cycle calendars, payroll status, payments by frequency, payroll method, etc. 

Time and Labor Payable Time Dashboards 

Managers and Time Administrators can evaluate payable analytics using the Payable Time Insight and Payable Time Trend dashboards. Real-time indexing is available for these dashboards.  

To identify data or processing issues in the organization, utilize the Payable Time Insight Dashboard. View Payable time trends by department and on the basis of average overtime costs in the Payable Time Trend dashboard. 

Employee Calendar 

The Employee Calendar feature provides employees with an at-a-glance view of their own calendar, as well as peer and manager calendars. View events including anniversaries, birthdays, time off, etc. for yourself and peers. Access is determined by direct reports access type used.  

The Employee calendar is available in weekly and bi-weekly views. Absence requests can be made from the calendar, and approval status is available via icon on the calendar.  

Control Dependent Data for Life Plans Using Configuration 

Benefits administrators have new flexibility to define relationships for dependent life coverage for life insurance and accidental death plans and benefits.   

Track requestor Comments with Job Data Modernization 

Comments can now be added for a new or updated job transaction in fluid and comments are shared for approval requests. If you submit a transaction and do not add a comment, there is an opportunity to enter remarks in the final submission step to capture relevant information. The most recent comment will be displayed on the job data request, with all comments available on the job history. 

Preferred Name Enabled in Recruiting Solutions 

Enhancements have been made to display candidates’ preferred name in recruiting solutions. Recruiters and administrators can search for preferred first name, and their preferred name will be on the careers welcome page for the candidates.  

Team Time Navigation Collection Retain the Context Across Pages 

Employees context is now retained when Managers are switching between absence pages within the team time navigation collection.  

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