PeopleSoft HCM Image 34: Summary of Highlights

Recently, PeopleSoft HCM released its Image 34 update. Below, we’ll go over a few of the key highlights of this update. 

HCM Kibana Analytics: Provides visual reports and dashboards in charts, tables, maps, and graphs. There are a variety of filter options such as demographic information, date ranges, and skills. View Elire’s recent FYI on Kibana here.

Fluid Benefits Work Center: The new Fluid Benefits Work Center leverages the existing work center framework to provide realtime info and easy navigation to your organization’s benefits related processes. It also provides a central location for your reports and queries. 

HR Notifications Enhancements: PeopleSoft HCM delivers updates to the HR Notification framework which improves the user experience and provides more capability and insight for an administrator. With Image 34, users can enter specific sender email addresses, specify the priority of the email, preview the recipient list, and simplify the recipient setup. Administrators can view a summary log of the email sent in a notification, as well as view, edit, and delete any notification created by any user. 

PeopleSoft 8.58 Visual Style Updates: A more updated and contemporary look has been implemented to the user interface. Updates include new headers, colors, widget designs, and effects. These updates apply to fluid home pages, components, primary and secondary pages, as well as mobile windows and dialogue boxes. 

Self-Service Navigation Updates: Many fluid tiles provide navigation collections in the left panel, giving users access to pages that are relevant to the tile component or transaction. In HCM, Image 34 provides another navigation option: using dashboards and tiles. Dashboard tiles provide live data for corresponding transaction pages. 

Query Masking Enhancements: PeopleSoft now supports the masking of sensitive fields in PeopleSoft queries to ensure data protection. Using Query Masking, you can authorize a PeopleSoft security role to access sensitive record fields. 

Person Global Search: In Image 34, you can perform a global search on person data based on Elasticsearch. The facets and filters make the search more user friendly. 

Fluid Timesheet Fluid Details Display: Time and labor administrators, managers, and employees can now view time details on the Timesheet page. To enable this feature, select the expand time detail on the timesheet option on the time and labor insulation page. 

Drop Zones on Classic Foundation Pages in HR: HCM expands the coverage of dropzones in Image 34 to include the classic setup pages of:

  • Business Unit
  • Company
  • Department
  • Establishment
  • Job Code
  • Job Family
  • Pay Group
  • Location
  • Salary Grade
  • Salary Plan

Global Payroll for Brazil INSS Calculation Changes: Global payroll for Brazil updates the method and tax rates that are used to calculate employee paid social security contributions as a result of the pension reform in 2020. The social security tax is now a progressive tax for employees in Brazil. 

Form I-9 2020 Updates for the USA: PeopleSoft HCM updates form I-9 and its instructions for the U.S. to support form changes published by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. You can view the new expiration date at the top of the form. 

For further information and resources to help navigate the Image 34 Update, see the CFO Tool, the Update Image Overview on My Oracle Support, and the PeopleSoft Information Portal for more information. 

For PUM Application and Continuous Delivery Best Practices, view Elire’s recent webinar, “Optimizing PeopleSoft with CDM Best Practices”


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