PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 50: Key Highlights

Explore the recap below of many of the new features in PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 50. The below features are highlighted in the PeopleSoft FSCM Image 50 Recap video, available here

Cross Product Features 

Fluid Work Centers 

PeopleSoft enhances Fluid Work Centers by adding My Approvals for users who can approve transactions. This Image delivers My Approvals in the General Ledger Payables, Receivables, Billing Commitment Control, and Treasury Work Centers. 


In FSCM update Image 49, Payables added the option to select multiple reporting currencies for the AP payment metrics dashboard. PeopleSoft update Image 50 adds a common framework to select multiple reporting currencies for transaction amounts in any Insights Dashboard.  

Lease Payment Insights Dashboard 

PeopleSoft delivers the Lease Payment Insights Dashboard for Lease Administrators to provide greater visibility into current and future lease payments and Lease Expirations. These visualizations show the current month’s payment amount including the obligation reduction and interest expense. 

Change Tracking Analytics Dashboard 

PeopleSoft Enterprise components adds the Change Tracking Analytics Dashboard to view the history of changes by product, component, record, field, and user. The Changes by Product visualization displays the products that were changed.  

Financials Features 

Open Period Mass Update Page 

PeopleSoft enhances the Open Period Mass Update Page by adding a transaction type field as a search field, and as a display field in the open periods grid. This allows you to filter out certain transaction types which then allows you to use the select all option during a mass update. 

Commitment Controls Workcenter 

PeopleSoft adds the Commitment Control Work Center in fluid. The My Work Page provides sections to manage budget, journals, and to review source transactions such as journals, vouchers, and purchase orders for errors and warnings. You can take actions such as open budget journals, post journals, send email notifications, and more.  


PeopleSoft enhances fluid payment requests to include Fields such as handling code, payment message, and separate payment. 


PeopleSoft enhances the maintenance worksheet to include additional refund information which is then passed to Payables. 


PeopleSoft enhances the mass update interface to include a new error code 0411 which indicates that bill by information is missing. Use the error value section of the mass update interface errors page to enter the correct values for 27 bill-by fields.  

Supplier Relationship Management Features 

Purchasing: Attachments on Receipts 

PeopleSoft Purchasing enhances delivery information by enabling you to add comments and attachments on the mobile fluid delivery page. If the delivered checkbox in the classic component is deselected, it removes the documents and comments from the mobile page as well.  

Strategic Sourcing 

PeopleSoft Strategic Sourcing now supports a fluid user interface that enables line-bid groups, request for information (RFI) and auction capabilities. The RFI process is divided into two steps; general information, and review and submit. 

eSupplier Connection Enhancements 

PeopleSoft Supplier Relationship Management solution performs OFAC checks for suppliers, and supplier change requests. If a supplier’s name and address are listed on the financial sanctions report, the approver receives an alert message to review and validate the supplier as eligible for payment before approving. This message is only to alert the approver; it doesn’t stop the approver from approving the supplier or change request.  

Mobile Inventory: Attachments on Mobile Inventory 

PeopleSoft Mobile Inventory adds the Delivery Done option to the advanced search feature. This enables you to search based on the delivery status of the receipt item or other search parameters.  

Enterprise Service Automation Features 


PeopleSoft enhances the fluid travel authorization page to populate expense types from a template or a quick fill option. Use the populate from template page to select a public or private template. After selecting a template, you can indicate one day or all days in your date range for each expense type.  

PeopleSoft Expenses enhances the use of credit cards by adding the shared credit card feature for my wallet. This feature allows you to associate shared credit card users to a credit card owner and card number. After charges are made on the credit card and submitted to the credit card company, you’ll load the credit card data to your system using the Load External Data Sources page. 

Project Costing 

PeopleSoft Project Costing allows you to exclude certain transactions from being integrated into project costing. This eliminates unnecessary volume in the project resource table.  

PeopleSoft delivers the project data compression process in the projects Work Center. This fluid page allows you to review projects ready for compression and schedule the compression process. 


PeopleSoft Contracts enhances the fluid contracts work center by adding a list of awards to generate. Organizations that use PeopleSoft Grants can update the proposal status, submit proposals, generate pre-award projects, and generate Awards in Mass.  

Asset Lifecycle Management 

Mass Update My Tasks 

On the fluid My Tasks page, technicians can now update the work order status PCR codes and datetime hours worked on multiple work order tasks simultaneously. Use the My Tasks page to select the task checkboxes using the multi-select icon. This allows you to select one or more individual tasks.  

Create Corrective Maintenance Work Orders 

On the Mobile Technician Task Detail page, you can now log an asset failure event for a preventive maintenance work order task, and optionally create the appropriate corrective transaction. Corrective transactions include creating a new work order to schedule and perform the necessary repair work, adding a new corrective task to the work order, reporting the failure, or creating a service request to investigate and resolve the problem.  

These are just some of the new features available in FSCM PUM 50. For more information about these features and the other enhancements, see the CFO tool, the Update Image Overview on My Oracle Support, and view the PeopleSoft information portal for updates.  


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