PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 43

Updates and enhancements to Kibana Dashboards, Real-Time Indexing, NACHA Requirements, and more 

FSCM Image 43 updates to Kibana Dashboards, Real-Time Indexing, NACHA Requirements, and more

PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Image 43 is now available for application, offering many valuable new functional enhancements for your PeopleSoft applications. Below is an overview of the key updates included in Image 43, like enhancements to Real Time indexing, Navigation Search, Expenses Features, and more.  

Real-Time Indexing 

The PUM Image 43 update adds 6 search definitions that are certified by PeopleSoft FSCM applications for real-time indexing (RTI). RTI uses direct transfer methods, transmitting search data directly from PeopleSoft batch servers to Elasticsearch. Two of these search definitions require a minimum of PeopleTools 8.59.04 and four of them require PeopleTools 8.59.06, which can be enabled with a PeopleTools update.  

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Bank Account Number Encryption and Masking 

FSCM now supports the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) and its data security requirements by adding features that protect direct deposit bank account numbers used with automated clearing house entries. This feature enables users to encrypt, decrypt, and mask bank account numbers within PeopleSoft FSCM.  

To leverage this tool, use the bank account number encryption page to validate the encryption and decryption profiles, and then run the process to encrypt bank account numbers in your PeopleSoft system. After this, PeopleSoft pages will display the bank account number in a masked format. Those who have permission can decrypt the bank account number by selecting the unmask button.  

Navigation Search 

FSCM Image 43 update adds the review Navigation Search updates utility, enabling you to review updated content references delivered in Navigation Search updates. These updates support the Navigation Search enhancements delivered in PeopleTools 8.59. With these updates, you can manage which updates are applied to your production environment.  

Create Requisitions Using Forms: 

Image 43 enhances the fluid requisition process by allowing requesters to order using express forms. To leverage this tool, use predefined and configurable forms like business cards to enter the required form details and add to the cart.  

Project Costing Features  

Project Costing features include Project Team updates and Project Workcenter enhancements.  

For Project Team updates, FSCM Image 43 enhances the Project Update Wizard, enabling users to easily update Project Teams information. This feature allows you to update multiple projects in a single action, add new project team members, their project role, and scheduled start and end dates.  

For Project Workcenter enhancements, the updates add a My Work exception to the Fluid Project Costing Work Center that identifies inactive project team members. This allows you to replace a terminated employee on a project team with another employee. After this, the inactive team members exception feature will display inactive team members who have been terminated or are scheduled to be terminated.  

Expenses Features 

Expenses features include time entry and approval enhancements, the ability to withdraw travel authorization, and receipt required enhancements that simplify the user experience. 

Updates to the time and entry approval now allow you to see the approval chain for the time report. After submitting the time entry transaction, the approvals button will be available. Selecting the approvals button will give access to the approval status window where you can view the status of the time sheet. This window also displays the employee who is due to take action, their profile, the date and time of the employee’s action, and comments entered. Further, during the approval process the approver has access to the approval chain and can add approvers if necessary.  

Travel authorization updates include the ability to withdraw travel authorization after it’s been submitted. Now, when users press the Withdraw button, the travel authorization is removed from the approval chain and changes its status to pending.  

Updates to receipt required functions include the addition of multiple options in business unit and user default setup that influence the Expense Entry page. To enforce receipts, a new setup option has been added. When selected, this option prevents an expense report from being submitted to the approver if receipts are required and if a receipt has not been attached. 

Asset Management 

Asset Management features include Kibana for Asset Management, work order time entry, work order parts from my tasks, and cost distribution for leased assets.  

Kibana for Asset Management delivers two Kibana dashboards that provide greater visibility into accounting period and year over year asset cost, depreciation, amortization, and more. The asset analytics dashboard allows you to analyze asset data for an Asset Management business unit book, fiscal year, and accounting period. The visualizations and data displayed on the dashboard are based on values for these filters. This dashboard can now include visualizations that display metrics like asset total cost and net book value.  

Work Order time entry updated features include Maintenance Management enhancements. The Mobile Technician now includes Personal Time pages, with the Weekly Time Entry feature that provides a central location to log work order tasks and personal hours using the PeopleSoft fluid user interface.  

PeopleSoft Maintenance Management also enhances Mobile Technician with the materials and services pages. This enhancement enables you to add materials, generate a pick plan, and issue inventory parts to the work order task. Additionally, you can view information about procured services scheduled for the task.  

The last Asset Management enhancement includes Lease Administration updates for Leased Asset Cost Distribution that allows general ledger account distributions to default from the Asset Management accounting entry template. This feature applies to account distributions that are related to lease liability and right of use assets. To enable, select use Asset Management accounting templates checkbox on the lease administration business unit definition general page.  

Load utility for purchasing contracts 

Image 43 enhances the purchasing process by automating it to create procurement contracts to establish items, pricing, and other info. Now, PeopleSoft purchasing contracts ensure the correct prices are associated when creating requisitions and purchase orders.  

Import Contacts to Sourcing Event Invitations 

Sourcing enhancements improve the invite bidders process, enabling you to easily import contacts as a group using a comma separated values (CSV) file. On the invite bidders page, select the upload contacts from file button to upload bidder contact information from a comma separated values file. The file should consist of only two columns: one for contact name and another for email address. Don’t include a header or label row. After you upload the file, a new row is created in the bidder invitation list. 

Additional Features  

Additional features and enhancements added for FSCM update Image 43 include enhancements to the approval framework, the ability to add ADS files for Journal Source Security, updates to the General Ledger that meet US Federal GTAS requirements, billing updates that validate chartfield combinations, the addition of user-defined fields for inventory, and the addition of the pushback option in Asset Management approvals.  

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