PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 35: 12 Key Highlights

The recent update of PeopleSoft FSCM Image 35 includes many key features, 12 of which we’ll dive into in our overview below!

Uptake of PeopleTools 8.58: PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 35 is the first image to utilize PeopleTools 8.58. PeopleTools 8.58 now offers an updated contemporary look to the user interface. 

Data Masking Using Page and Field Configurator: To better protect privacy and sensitive information, you can now create a masking configuration and add the required fields to that configuration.

Enhanced Fluid Delegation Framework: Image 35 offers the addition of transactions for the Delegation Framework for Approvals. This feature allows you to choose a proxy who can then approve certain transactions on your behalf.

Review and Process Journals Not Posted in Period: The General Ledger WorkCenter provides a link to display journals that are not posted, and where the journal date is after the current open period.

Fluid Approval for Pushback Supplier Documents: Image 35 enhances and streamlines the Approval process to include a pushback option for the supplier contract clause and documents in both Classic and Fluid Approvals.

General Ledger Enhancements: Enhancements to the general ledger system include retaining approval history for denied journals and expanding the configurable questionnaire on Structure Change Requests. 

Add Revenue Estimate Budget Exception in WorkCenter – My Work: This update enhances the Receivables WorkCenter My Work grouplet for revenue estimate exceptions and direct journal budget exceptions. These transactions display only budget checking errors.

Billing Enhancements: Billing enhancements include an expanded Billing Adjustment feature as well as a billing page update. 

Extend Manager Transaction Review in Projects: In FSCM Update Image 35, there are new, configurable options that allow customers to identify whether revenue can be recognized on project costing transactions that are not yet approved for billing. These options work with the Manager Transaction Review feature in Project Costing.

Edit Cash Advance Accounting Details: Employees can use the Accounting Detail section to view of change accounting details or chartfield allocations for a cash advance.

Asset Management Enhancements: Asset Management enhancements include associating multiple service requests to a work order, enhanced spreadsheet data import and enhanced preventive maintenance schedule. 

Additional Features: Additional features not detailed here include:

  • Associate Multiple Service Requests to a Work Order
  • Enhanced Spreadsheet Data Import
  • Enhanced Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Updates to Payables & Treasury 

For additional details as well as useful screenshots and visuals, please see the March 2020 Quest Oracle Community blog post on PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 35 Highlights which is available here. For further viewing, our recent webinar recording “Optimizing PeopleSoft with CDM Best Practices” is available here.


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