PeopleSoft FSCM Image 41 Recap


PeopleSoft Financials and Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Update Image 41 is now available for application. Below is an overview of key updates including additional functionality for PICASO Digital Assistants, additional Kibana Dashboards, Notification enhancements, and more.

PICASO Digital Assistants

PICASO digital assistants enhancements include the expenses skill for the Employee Digital Assistant, and supplier skill for the Supplier Digital Assistant. The Employee Digital Assistant identifies who is signed in and presents a short message. The expense skill allows you to create wallet entries and inquire on expense reports. When you enter information to create a wallet entry, the expenses skill indicates that the wallet entry was created and provides information from your entry.

PeopleSoft enhances the supplier public portal homepage by implementing the supplier skill for the supplier digital assistant. To access the supplier skill, select the PeopleSoft PICASO button that appears in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. The PICASO button can be accessed from the user registration, public bidding events, events calendar, announcements, and FAQs contact us pages as well. Guest users, first-time bidders, or suppliers can use the Supplier Skill to inquire about business opportunities.

Kibana Dashboards  

Kibana dashboard updates include General Ledger (budgets to actuals) and Expenses (preparer violations and operational metrics). PeopleSoft General Ledger adds two new Kibana dashboards to analyze departmental expense budgets versus actual spending. The first Kibana dashboard is the My Budget dashboard. This dashboard is designed for department managers to view their budgeted expenses versus actual expenses.  

The second Kibana dashboard is the controller’s key metrics dashboard this dashboard provides similar information as the My Budget dashboard but from a much broader scale. It’s designed for controllers who need to view multiple departmental spending and sales compared to their respective budgets. 

PeopleSoft Expenses adds two new Kibana dashboards to review travel policy. Violations, the first new dashboard, is the My Proxy Expense activity dashboard. This dashboard is useful for assistants that need to create expense reports on behalf of someone else.  

The second Kibana dashboard is Performance and Operations. This dashboard is used by managers and directors, or personnel in charge of monitoring expenses and reporting any activity that goes against company travel policy. This dashboard provides a view across the organization or business units to determine where expenses may be out of control. This dashboard is similar to the Travel and Expense violations dashboard, but is not limited to employees who perform approvals. 

Notification Enhancements 

PeopleSoft enhances the approval framework by adding notification name at the approval event level. The notification name maps the notification preferences configured in PeopleTools and overrides the notification name specified at the approval transaction level.  

Page and Field Configurator System Variables 

Enhancements to the Page and Field configurator include a new field source for system variables. This update allows you to select system variables like the current date as a default field value or criteria.  

Billing Features 

Billing features include Simple Invoice Request and Expand Invoice Mass Maintenance. For Simple Invoice Request, you can create a simple invoice request for users who are not familiar with the invoice creation process with PeopleTools forms and approver builder. The MyForms component allows you to create an invoice form that has most fields complete for infrequent users.  

PeopleSoft Billing enhances the invoice mass maintenance functionality by adding additional fields. You can now update the accounting date, credit analyst, pay terms, bill inquiry phone, letter of credit ID, and letter of credit document ID fields for multiple invoices.  

Save Search in Fluid Cash Forecast  

For PUM Image 41, PeopleSoft adds the capability in fluid cache forecast to save the search preferences based on user requirements. You can create a new search or delete an existing user created search. 

eProcurement Features  

PeopleSoft eProcurement enhances the fluid requisition process enabling you to quickly create requisitions for catalog and special request items using the express entry option. Use this ad hoc requisition entry option when you need to quickly add requisition lines and know details like item ID, supplier, and unit of measure.  

Duplicate Expense Reports  

When a user enters an expense report line that may be a duplicate of another expense report line, the expenses system displays a warning at the top of the page. The system compares expense type amount and date to determine whether the line could be a duplicate with a previously submitted expense report.  

Payment Plan Enhancements  

PeopleSoft Receivables adds the ability to create customer payment plans for item balances. Using this feature, you can select items to include in the plan define payment plan details and generate monthly installments.  

Duplicate Invoice Checking for Payment Request 

For update Image 41 PeopleSoft introduces duplicate invoice checking for all payment requests before submission review and approval. You can proceed with voucher creation or reject the request based on the setup done at the business unit level.  

Automate End Date Extensions for Project Commitment Control 

PeopleSoft Grants enhances the modify end dates feature to update project end date on the budget definition component in commitment control. Based on the project end date and the default options on the grants business unit the new commitment control end date field is populated automatically. 

Recategorize Asset and Report Asset Profile in One Transaction 

Asset Management enhancements include asset recategorization to allow updates to the asset reporting profile at the same time you re-categorize the asset. On the cost information page click the update asset profile link to access the update asset profile page and synchronize the reporting asset profile with the new asset category. Use the update asset profile page to enter a new asset reporting profile ID. An update to the reporting asset profile ID does not change the asset book information or category.  

Correction Mode for eSignature Enhancements 

Enhancements to PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management include DocuSign signing process to allow users to modify recipient information after a document has been submitted for signatures. On the document management page, click the edit recipients button to access the edit recipients page and modify recipient information.  

Additional Features 

Additional features added for PeopleSoft FSCM Update Image 41 include: 

  • Using the delegation framework feature for Asset Management, Maintenance Management, Lease Administration, and General Ledger 
  • Accessibility enhancements for multiple products 
  • Allow accounting before electronic invoices for Goods and Services Tax (GST) invoices in billing, and withholding updates in Payables 

These are just some of the features of the FSCM Image 41. To learn more, subscribe to our monthly PeopleSoft Newsletter here and view the entire recap video here 

Explore Elire’s PeopleSoft Services Page for more information on Continuous Delivery and PUM Image Application and Review. 


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