PeopleSoft FSCM: Image 40 Recap

PeopleSoft FSCM (Financials and Supply Chain Management) Image 40 has arrived and includes updates to Kibana Dashboards, Form and Approval Builder, BREXIT compliance and more! Review the highlights below for key changes your organization should evaluate ahead of application or selective adoption.

PeopleTools 8.59 Update 

PeopleSoft Image 40 is the first Image release to utilize PeopleTools 8.59. Among many new features, PeopleTools 8.59 delivers a redesigned homepage that includes the movement of recently used and favorites, homepage drop-down options, and notifications. In addition, the new global search field is at the top and center of the homepage where you can access improved search-based navigation.

The recently used icon opens a left-side list of menu options that you’ve visited, and the favorites icon does the same. The new global search blog provides access to search navigation to help you find a specific menu or tile, or to perform a global content search in a selected area.

Kibana Dashboards  

PeopleSoft Maintenace Management delivers two Kibana dashboards that provide greater visibility into technician labor assignments and unassigned tasks, as well as asset maintenance history. The work order labor assignment dashboard allows you to analyze technician and shop labor assignments, as well as unassigned work order tasks. This dashboard includes visualizations like future workload by technician and criticality.

PeopleSoft Expenses added a Kibana dashboard to review employee travel policy violations. This dashboard is available for any role in the organization. The Kibana dashboard monitors travel and expense polity violations and provides information about employees who are not adhering to company travel policy, what policy violations are most often encountered on submitted expense reports, and where corporate credit card misuse may occur. Furthermore, the dashboard provides a departmental view of expense activity.

Forms Builder and Field Configurator  

PeopleSoft enhancements have been made to the fluid forms and approval builder, and the page and field configurator features. The fluid forms and approval builder can now assist with moving existing classic forms to fluid forms. You can convert forms that were created using the classic tools and then edit the fluid form, realign the form fields, and leverage the new section and time widgets. In the page and field configurator, you can now use the review sequence processing page to edit the sequence description.

Match Exception Collaboration 

For update Image 40, PeopleSoft introduces the match exception collaboration center which is a single location for the different stakeholders involved in resolving invoice exceptions to collaborate and define an action plan to resolve each exception. While Payables owns the invoice and exception, other stakeholders provide comments and attachments in the collaboration center.

BREXIT Changes 

Due to changes in the indirect value-added tax (VAT) and implications of BREXIT for 2021, PeopleSoft enhances VAT treatment and tax logic for the supply of goods and services, master data, and VAT reporting. See the notes on My Oracle Support for more information about your PeopleSoft system and BREXIT changes.

Integrating with Public Sector Compliance Regulation (PSCR)  

PeopleSoft Public Sector customers now can integrate with Oracle’s Cloud Solution for permitting and licensing. The new Cloud-native solution helps local governments address permits and inspections, planning and zoning, code enforcement, and business licensing. The solution platform helps agencies deliver service to the public and process work more efficiently.

Account Reconciliation Enhancements  

The General Ledger Reconciliation Workbench now displays the approval chain of a transition. Use the assignments tab to select the approval flow link. The general ledger reconciliation approval flow page displays the approval chain as well as approver comments. This allows you to view all approvers and their comments when reconciling transactions.

Correct Accounting Errors en Masse  

Use the new mass update accounting entries page to correct accounting entries that are in a posted status. The search tab is used to enter search and change criteria for accounting entry changes.

Deny Status for Supplier Documents 

PeopleSoft Supplier Contract Management enhances the document approval process to include a new denied status and the ability to search for denied documents. When an approver denies a document, the document management page displays denied as the status.

Canadian Accelerated Investment Incentives 

PeopleSoft Asset Management enhances Canadian capital cost allowance reporting to support the accelerated investment incentives regulation. The inventive enables first-year write-offs and suspends the capital cost allowance half-year rule.

Additional Features 

Additional features added for FSCM Update Image 40 include using the delegation framework feature for Grants, Resource Management, Program Management, and Treasury. Changes to the Receivables customer contract change audit, updates to Payables System for Awards Management (SAM), the Order Management SAM for Unique Entity Identifier, Purchasing Load Level 3 P-Card Data Enhancements, and COVID-19 Enhancements can all additionally be found in Image 40.

For more information on all the features of PeopleSoft PUM Image 40, view this video or visit My Oracle Support. Learn more about PUM Application best practices by reading Elire’s recent blog post here.



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