PeopleSoft FSCM Image 34 Update Review

Recently, the PeopleSoft Financials Supply Chain Management (FSCM) Image 34 update was released, featuring these nine key highlights: 

  • Use Chatbot for Requester Inquiries
  • FSCM Uptake of PeopleTools 8.57 Fluid Features: Drop Zones and Grids
  • Reviewing Supplier Evaluation Results
  • Fluid Time Reports
  • Fluid Approvals for Mass Transaction Manager
  • Posting Projected Balances
  • Modify Project Team End Dates
  • Delete Obsolete Spreadsheet Import Templates
  • Additional Features

Below offers a brief review of these features based on the step-by-step informational PSFT Oracle video highlighting the Image 34 Updates, which provides a visual walkthrough of the processes for navigating these new features, and also the Quest Oracle Community blog post which accompanies the video. 


The Requester Inquiry skilled chatbot functions to assist eProcurement users when searching for the status of a requisition or purchase order based on the item information. Users are able to enter a description of the item and the chatbot responds with the appropriate prompts for additional information as needed. 

With the FSCM Update of PeopleTools 8.57 Fluid Features, the Image 34 Update builds upon the Drop Zones and Grids of PeopleTools 8.57. Drop Zones allow you to add editable (or display-only) transaction fields to existing PeopleSoft Fluid pages, which eliminates the need to customize delivered objects.

The Supplier Evaluation feature enhancement allows evaluation owners to share evaluation results with evaluation reviewers. 

The Time Entry feature has been updated to use the Fluid user interface. PeopleSoft Fluid pages are designed for all types of devices, including smartphones and mobile devices. 

Asset Management delivers Fluid Approvals for mass transaction manager using the Enterprise Component Fluid Approvals framework. The Asset Mass Transaction Approval Header Detail page allows you to view asset mass transactions, interface lines summary, and line detail information, such as originator name, transaction type, and affected interface table. 

Projected balance now displays all journal lines that have the same chartfield combination and shows the impact to the ledger balance.

With the Modify Project Team End Dates feature, the Modify End Dates page has been updated to include project team end dates, which provides a more comprehensive process to update end dates associated with a project.

Asset Management allows you to delete outdated or unused spreadsheet import templates by clicking the new “Delete Template” button to delete the spreadsheet template and corresponding template CSV file from the file repository system.

Additional features not discussed at length here include: 

  • Extend Financial Gateway Security
  • Use the Requisition Loader to replenish par locations
  • Support REST APIs for Adobe Signatures
  • Display commitment control dates on Award Profiles

To get in touch with the Elire team regarding your own PeopleSoft upgrade, implementation, or support needs, email [email protected] to schedule a call to discuss how Elire can help with your individual PeopleSoft needs. In the meantime, explore the homepage of Elire’s PeopleSoft Consulting Services


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