PeopleSoft Delivers Test Results Kibana Analytics 

On November 4th, 2021, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) announced an emergency temporary standard (ETS) in response to surges in COVID-19 cases. To minimize the risk of COVID-19 transmission in the workplace, OSHA mandates employee vaccination or weekly reports of COVID-19 tests starting on January 4th, 2021.  

Although this mandate will become a requirement for businesses in January, there are numerous state/county mandates that already require employees to be fully vaccination or submit weekly COVID-19 tests. Whether you’re preparing for OSHA’S mandate that starts in January, or you’re in a state where mandates are currently in place, PeopleSoft’s Health & Safety module can help the tracking and monitoring of COVID-19 vaccine and test results.  

In Image 40, PeopleSoft delivered the PeopleSoft Release Patch which gave employees the ability to enter vaccination and test results for COVID-19 in the Health and Safety module.  

To better track and analyze COVID-19 test results specifically, PeopleSoft has delivered Test Results Kibana Analytics as a special posting. Administrators can navigate to the Health and Safety Administrator Analytics Dashboard and use updated features to monitor COVID-19 test results and prepare for changes in workflows.

Features include Test Results Summary, Test Results by Test, Test Location, Test Method, Test History, Test by Work Location, Test by Department, Test Details, and Not Reported Details.  

Image 40 Release Patch New Features

Test Results Summary: 

The Test Results Summary feature shows how many employees have received a negative COVID-19 test, as well as how many employees have yet to complete a test. For clearer tracking, the “last 7 days” filter can be applied to capture those employees taking weekly testing in replacement of vaccination. 

Test Results by Test and Test Location: 

The Test Results by Test feature can show a summary of all test results currently being tracked for employees. This update is not limited to COVID-19 tests, and administrators can apply filters to view results on any test being taken, such as the Flu/Influenza, or any drug tests. The Test Location filter shows where employees received their COVID-19 test results and can be a helpful tool to determine employee test location preferences.  

Test Method: 

The Test Method analytic shows if employees are taking COVID-19 tests by nasal swab, blood, or CT scan using a pie chart.  

Test History: 

The Test History analytic presents a time lapse of employee COVID-19 testing. This time lapse shows a red star if employees tested positive for COVID-19, along with peaks of employee COVID-19 testing and non-peak testing weeks, which can indicate which months show higher employee vaccination records. 

Test by Department:  

The Test by Department feature can help analyze tests depending on their respective department. This analytic can also show how many COVID-19 tests have been completed for a designated time period. For example, the number of tests for Influenza/flu within a specific time frame can be shown for individual departments such as Human Resources or Customer Service.  

Test Details:  

The Test Details analytic presents a more detailed summary of employee job data and test results. Administrators can navigate to the Go to Health Card hyperlink, which shows a summary of an individual’s test type, description, the date the test was taken, and the result of the test.  

With these updates to Kibana Analytics, test results can be better tracked to ensure a healthy workplace environment. Understanding COVID-19 test data can also help organizations better prepare and respond to possible surges in COVID-19 cases 

To learn more about Kibana Analytics for PeopleSoft and how it can enhance reporting and data visualization for your organization, visit our PeopleSoft Services Page, or reach out to our PeopleSoft services team to discuss your options. 


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