What is Oracle Support Rewards?

Incentivizing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle Support Rewards helps customers speed migrations to the cloud and reduces license support costs

Larry Ellison, Chairman of the Board and Chief Technology Officer at Oracle, announced big changes to the Cloud Migration process that Oracle customers will want to take advantage of. Oracle’s new program “Oracle Support Rewards” will help customers speed migrations to the cloud while also reducing license support costs. Oracle aims to make the innovation and modernization of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) easier and more affordable, enriching cloud services and benefits for customers.

The objective of Oracle Support Rewards is simple: use OCI, earn rewards, and reduce your support bill. 

What is Oracle Support Rewards? 

With Oracle Support Rewards, customers earn $0.25 for every dollar spent on OCI, and Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) customers can earn $0.33 for every dollar spent. The more customers use OCI, the more they can potentially earn.

With these earnings, customers can utilize oracle benefits by reclaiming money spent on support systems and potentially reducing technology support bills to $0.

The cost of technology support bills can be daunting and can be a factor when considering Oracle Cloud implementation challenges. This program alleviates this challenge by incentivizing customers who consume OCI services.

All Oracle customers with Tech License Support and new Universal Credit orders, including renewals, will have the ability to take advantage of Oracle Support Rewards. The rewards can complement existing programs that convert application support bills to cloud app subscriptions (Customer to Cloud), provide flexible OCI discounts (Universal Credits), provide license portability (bring your own license), and offer support for migration at no cost (oracle cloud lift).

How do you use Oracle Support Rewards?

There are several ways to get the most out of Oracle Support rewards, including:  

  • Migrating a few new workloads to OCI for substantial support savings
    • Say you start with $1M annual Oracle tech support bill and spend $2M on OCI for two new workloads. You’ll earn $500k in Oracle Support Rewards, reducing your annual tech support bill by half.  
  •  Migrating more and reducing your support bill to zero  
    •  With an existing $1M Oracle tech bill, plus $4M additional OCI spend, you’ll earn $1M in Oracle Support Rewards. This will cut your technology support bill to $0. 
  • Using support savings towards an OCI dedicated region:  
    • Start with $1.5M annual Oracle Tech support bill. Identify 8 new workloads to move to OCI Dedicated Region, which brings all second-generation services in a customer’s datacenter. If you spend $6M, you’ll earn $1.5M in Oracle Support Rewards and reduce your support bill to $0.

More details and access to an FAQ about Oracle Support Rewards is linked here.

Elire’s Cloud Expert Insights 

Elire experts believe that the program can provide value for customers in several ways. For example, Oracle Support Rewards can improve Return on Investment (ROI) significantly as customers begin to use OCI. The program not only encourages on-premise customers to start leveraging OCI services, but also promotes long-term use of the discounts. Customers will be able to migrate all their on-premise applications to OCI while gaining unlimited rewards towards their Oracle on-premise maintenance bill.

With Oracle Support Rewards, customers now have an opportunity to start building a technology stack in OCI while also saving millions in their on-premise costs.

If you run Oracle on-premise software and haven’t considered moving to OCI, now is the time.

To learn more about the Oracle Support Rewards program, watch the full webcast here. To speak with an Elire expert about your current or planned Oracle Cloud Investment, contact [email protected] or explore our Oracle Cloud blog.


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