Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) Overview

Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) is a tool for acquiring, hiring, and on-boarding talent

Oracle Recruiting Cloud (ORC) is a tool developed by Oracle for acquiring, hiring, and on-boarding talent in an organized and efficient fashion. Now more than ever, recruiting is a vital process for organizations looking to optimize their bottom line. Finding quality candidates is a challenge, and being able to move quickly and efficiently with a succinct hiring process can mean retaining the best candidates through all steps of the hiring process. 

Medium to large size organizations will be able to see the most benefits of implementing Oracle Recruiting Cloud. ORC offers the ability to leverage a data-driven approach and a mobile user interface (UI) to source and engage both internal and external candidates. It allows users to apply business insights across all of HCM for better hiring decisions. With a candidate-focused approach to recruiting, ORC keeps candidates at the center of the recruiting process by utilizing chatbots and a mobile-friendly user experience to give both internal and external candidates a compelling consumer-like experience.

On the Human Resources side, ORC also provides requisition management, career page design templates, candidate pools, unified architecture and tooling, as well as advanced reporting and analytics to HR professionals. Human resources staff are able to use Oracle Recruiting Cloud to leverage campaigns and CRM to provide robust souring and empower recruiters with AI matching to make the best data-driven recruiting decisions. 

Hiring doesn’t need to be a slow, ineffective, and inefficient process based on guesswork. Leveraging a best in breed recruiting solution allows your organization to find, hire, and retain top talent. View the blog post “Migrating from Taleo to ORC: How Do They Stack Up?” as well as our webinar recording for “Refresh Your Recruiting Strategy: Migrating from Taleo to ORC” for more information. 


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