Oracle OpenWorld 2019: Monday Keynote Tech Announcements!

Oracle OpenWorld new technology offerings

Oracle OpenWorld is always packed with new information and technology advancements. Larry Ellison’s Monday Night Keynote was no different, introducing a variety of new Cloud Infrastructure and technology offerings available. Below are the top 7 new offering’s announced – for more information visit the new Oracle website (featuring the new Oracle UI – Redwood).

Top Tech Highlights from Oracle OpenWorld 2019

  1. OCI Next Generation Storage Platform – True Flexibility and Elasticity, allowing you to pick starting amount of storage and auto-scale up while running as needed. Optimization of high-performance and low-cost, with zero downtime.
  2. Gen2 Exadata Cloud@Customer – the best database on OCI running in Customer Data Centers. Fully autonomous Oracle Database at Customer in 2020. Includes Faster Exadata X8 Infrastructure.
  3. Oracle Data Safe – Essentially a unified database security control center, saving time and mitigating security risks. In-depth defense for all customers – including Security Assessment, User Risk & Activity Assessment, Sensitive Data Discovery, and Data Masking.
  4. Next Generation Block Storage – (Available Q4 2019) Pay Independently for storage capacity and performance to achieve true elasticity – up to 32TB of storage addition with no downtime.
  5. Instance Resize – (Available Q4 2019) Change Instance Shape, Instance Family, and Fault Domain while retaining all configuration.
  6. Marketplace Paid Listings – Launch third-party ISV applications with universal credits, while consolidating billing and receiving support for solutions deployed on OCI.
  7. Free Tier for Oracle Cloud – Available for everyone with Oracle Autonomous Database, Compute, Storage, Networking/Load Balancing, and Monitoring/Notifications.
    1. No Expiration
    2. Best Missions Critical Database Included
    3. Integrated Developer Platform – low code APEX, SQL Developer, Machine Learning, and Auto REST generations

All OOW Keynotes are available here on demand for streaming and additional info!


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