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Tuesday, March 10, 2020
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM CST

Going Global: AP Automation on an International Stage

Presented by Elire & Canon Information & Imaging Solutions

In this presentation we will discuss the Canon Information and Imaging Solutions (Canon)  AP Automation Solution and implementation for companies with a global footprint. We will discuss the technology that was used, the strategic choices each company made, and the lessons learned from previously successful implementations. 

The Canon AP Automation Solution utilizes  PeopleSoft’s Open Imaging Integration to reduce costly integration build as well as minimize impact on continuous delivery. By combining a powerful Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine with validated PeopleSoft data the system greatly reduces invoice processing time, errors, and risk.

We will discuss the context that led to previous companies’ decision to implement an AP Automation tool with Canon and Elire as partners. We will also discuss their implementation choices and how AP Automation fits within the broader picture of procurement optimization.


  • Our first objective will be to discuss why many companies are pursuing AP Automation. We will touch on industry trends, main drivers for automation, choosing the right technology and implementation partner.
  • Our second objective will be to discuss previous implementation projects based on their technical and strategic decisions. We will discuss use of purchase orders, combo edits, workflow considerations, accounting tags, regional requirements, currency/ language requirements, and invoice intake setup.
  • Our third objective will be to review the lessons learned from previous projects. We will discuss the costs, benefits, and risks of the automation technology projects. We will also discuss how AP Automation fits within the broader Procure-to-Pay process and best practices to optimize P2P.

Brandon Benner

Brandon Benner
Business Process Consultant,
Strategic Advisory Services

Mr. Benner assists his clients in current state mapping to gather their current process and disconnects, as well as developing solutions for process improvements to get them to their desired future state.

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