Kyriba Live 2024: Treasury Revisited

Kyriba Live 2024

That’s a wrap! Thank you to all of those able to join us at Kyriba Live in Las Vegas, Nevada April 8th-10th, 2024. The three days of the conference encompassed over 12.2 CTP credits worth of eligible sessions, numerous networking opportunities with 800+ attendees, and the chance to visit with conference sponsors on the show floor. Here, we’ll recap the conference events as well as key sessions and announcements. 

The conference commenced with an exciting opening keynote from key members of Kyriba’s leadership team, including their new CEO Melissa Di Donato who presented virtually, Chief Customer Officer Andrew Snyder, Chief Marketing Officer April Moh, Chief Value Officer Rémy Dubois, Greg Person – SVP of Account Management & Sales and Alliances for the Americas, Bruno Ferreira – Chief Revenue Officer, Ara Gopal – Vice President Global Partnerships & Alliances, Bob Stark – Head of Market Strategy, and Thomas Gavaghan – VP Global Presales. The keynote included key announcements from Kyriba, which included a preview of their product roadmap, exciting AI initiatives, the Kyriba rebrand, and their renewed commitment to customer success.  

By the Numbers 

In 2023, Kyriba saw 367 new customers, 21% revenue growth, 543 new features added to Kyriba, and a 66% increase in transactions and a 30% increase in data volume stored within Kyriba’s SaaS platform. This increase in data volume comes at the cusp of Gen AI initiatives, and finding ways to store and access data in an efficient manner is a key focus of Kyriba’s initiatives. Luckily, their emphasis on being on the cutting edge of technology positions Kyriba to handle this increase in data. 

Topic Highlights and the Road Ahead 

Throughout the conference, attendees had access to a wide range of workshops, panel discussions, and sessions led by industry experts and Kyriba team members. Topics covered included risk management, liquidity planning, cash visibility, and the impact of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning on finance and treasury operations and the Kyriba application. Participants were particularly excited about the deep dives into practical applications of AI in Kyriba, and discussions of their plans to integrate machine learning within Kyriba.  

Through their customer survey, Kyriba identified cash flow forecasting and treasury automation as top customer priorities. Cash positioning and liquidity planning were heavily discussed throughout the conference as well. Kyriba’s leadership identified the cash positioning worksheet as “the lifeblood of Kyriba” and announced the new Cash Position worksheet 2.0. It is ready for real-time reporting as well as a more detailed table experience.  

Coming up on the Kyriba Roadmap, the integration of AI with receivables will soon be available in liquidity planning. Also on the AI front, bank transaction tagging will allow Kyriba users to take advantage of predictive AI capabilities and predict budget codes for transactions. Lastly, Kyriba’s digital assistant, Kyriba Co-pilot, will allow you to chat with Kyriba and accomplish tasks efficiently and allows for ultra-fast search. 

Overall, this year’s conference offered exciting revelations and insights into the world of Treasury and SaaS treasury applications. This year’s largest Kyriba Live in history provided finance and treasury professionals with practical tools, knowledge, and networking opportunities to enhance their careers and organizations. Attendees left the Wynn in Las Vegas feeling inspired and equipped with new strategies to tackle the challenges and opportunities in the world of finance and treasury management. 

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